An interesting joke by Blizzard...

Argent Dawn
Take a look at this screenshot:

Notice something a bit odd in the list on the left hand side?

It's probably a subtle joke on Blizzard's part, so we probably shouldn't react too much.Though if it is in the rare case scenario not a joke and if they are going to pull through with it, what alternate dances would you like your characters to have?

I think it's high time that they include Michael Jackon's Thriller yet amongst the dance animation repertoire .

Any thoughts?
....Don't even mention the dance studio... Just like path of the Titans.
Oh my goodness, I really hope this is actually a thing. Me and one of my friends were so so disappointed when they scrapped this idea. One way I always imagined it would work was letting all races select other races dances (Gnome female going the male troll dance etc). Anything else is a bonus.

I'm a little more animated about this than I imagine other people are because SWG was my first MMO, and I played as a dancer back then!
I'd love to see Gilvir dancing like a female night elf!
Dwarves with the draenei male dance.

So good.
Sorry guys, I'm pretty sure this was outed as a joke by Blizzard quite some time ago... I'd link where I read that if I still had it, but that UI was originally shown back at the WoD reveal at Blizzcon.
Aye, it's without a doubt just a placeholder for a building they're gonna think up later, though if they did choose to pull through with it, it would certainly be interesting.
22/03/2014 12:41Posted by Orras
Aye, it's without a doubt just a placeholder for a building they're gonna think up later

Or is it?
Oh my.
They said at blizzcon when they showed the slide that it was a joke.

Edit , you will probably find on youtube some dance studio stuff , that was a old april fools
Definitely this for my Pandaren ;)
Implying 90% of people wouldn't just use it to make 'poses' for ERP.
If that'd be real?

Back when I was playing Horde, probably male troll's dance for female trolls, as that one actually fits their RP etc.

Now, probably female dwarf's dance for a male, if I'd have one (they are somewhat similiar, but female one is Riverdance, I believe, while male one is a Russian dance).

This. Dance starts at 0:49

No, this.
Considering they putted it in again i don't realy see them bail on it again ...they just can't do that twice to us right.
I want gnome male dance.
This literally was shown at Blizzcon, literally its last years news.
Gnomes with male tauren dance.


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