Challenge Mode Boosting - Warlords of Draenor!

Twisting Nether

We are currently ranked as the best Challenge Mode team in the entire world. We have been in the Challenge Mode industry ever since the early dawn of challenge modes, with more than 2000 challenge modes completed!

Our boosting team consists of:

Klosterbro ~ Brewmaster Monk
Xáriah ~ Restoration Druid
Lyrov ~ Destruction Warlock
Gìngí - Beast Mastery Hunter
Nòvá ~ Frost Mage

Being the first team that has completed all of the current Challenge Modes on gold difficulty, we're opening up our boosting services again looking through into Warlords of Draenor!

Gold Challenge Mode(s) Completed 8/8

- Achievement Reward: All the Challenge Mode achievements (360 ach. points)
- Title Reward: ”The Indomitable”
- Mount Reward: ”Challenger's War Yeti”
- Weapon Reward: Full set of cosmetic weapon apperances (Transmogrification)

Service only available on Horde
Payment on Twisting Nether Horde or Ragnaros Horde
Price: 999.999g

So if you want a shot with the best, feel free to add my battle-tag Lazar#2550 or whisper any of the members in Challenge Bash!

Bought Mistwalker

Highly recommend these guys

+Fun people
got it on 1st try awesome grp and awesome people! highly recomend it
U wana have fun?
and be done in like 2 h
with everything and /dance in the same time

Then go for it!!!!!!

Real Pro'S

Awesome =)!!!
Well... its Method - enough said ^^

Done it with them, smooth, fun, wonderful results.

Recommended ;-)
Got to say, THE most professional friendly and more importantly FUN! experience i have had in a long while in WoW , Helpful, polite and nothing was too much trouble for them, i would not hesitate in recommending this boost run to EVERYONE on TN and beyond!!

Had a great time! Many Thanks Nova , Klosterbro, Leeds !

All you Twisted ppls of the Nether take this opportunity to enjoy a great Boost Run.

"whatever floats your boat" ;-p

Schizopathic AKA Fantastical AKA Moosenuckle.
Oki just did this with the guys and i cant do more then recommend this challenge mode service for u......awesome- even if my mic did struggle they will tell all the important stuff u need to know before it happens and u will have fun while doing it...........if u want do get the awards from this stuff before next expansion this is the guys i recommend. Fast smooth and fun (2,5 HOUR OR LESS)
Great gang, Kloster is just as good as he got creds for. Chilled run, handling stuff with proffesionalism.
Stunned, simply.

These guys are a great way to waste one hell of an evening.
Without futher redue they bring you a DJ, a lullaby, a story from their childhood... and alot of anaconda humors.

Absolutely worth the while, with a professional attitude, to the fun side of the game.

Recommendable, i'd say.

Even with a slightly odd grp, still done in 1h45m.

Keep it rocking lads.
Great experience, nuf said.

Method boosts are just legit as it is...
the 9/9 boost was great fun and it's not only a good team but also great couple of people!!

being proffesional is the way to go.

Cheers guys for this and keep up the great boost!

Happy Customer ;)
Bought 9/9
these guys are pro, friendly

Thanks to Leeds, Nova and Gingi !
Payed for a 9/9 CM boost.
Got exactly what I wanted. Can't recommend these guys enough! They are fast, highly professional and very informative through the whole process. They also have great prices!

Thanks a lot for the boost and was a lot of fun to watch you guys play :)
Worth the gold, was fast and reliable throughout all dg runs.

very friendly crew, highly recommend any service they peeps offer.

Bought Paladin
Highly recommend these guys
Amazing guys, friendly, reliable and fast.
Thanks a lot guys :)
Lol I would be interested in this but my right hand is in a cast!
Worth it! Highly recommend these guys!

+Friendly guys
+Fast and smooth. Took around 2 hours for 9/9
+Got my boost instantly when i talked to them!

Keep this good work up!

Cheers and thanks again!

Had great fun and was worth the time needed,( less than 2hours)
Would recommend to anyone wanting to do the CM's.
Group was great and very friendly.
Thanks for the run guys.
Bought 9/9

Very good and proffesional service
Really good and friendly guys
It was fast and smooth taked less than 2 hours

Highly recommed these guys for everybody willing to buy cm boosts and have a good time

Just bought 9/9 from those awesome guys! was quick, smooth and most importantly fun!
got my pretty transmong, mount and title in no more than 2 hours, get yours before its too late!

would highly recommend them *thumbs up*

thanks a lot guys! appreciated~


Highly recommend these guys :)

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