GDKP - Siege of Orgrimmar 25 man

Twisting Nether
Character name: Chaosdealer
Class: Mage
Spec: Frost
Average ilevel: 531
Experience: just flex, I would have more but without cloak, curve or proper raiding guild getting just the flex was a huge push, really need some items to even get to 555 for more runs :(
Gold to spend: 60k
Character name: Graxí
Class: Shaman
Spec: Enhc
Average ilevel: 545
Experience: Full flex. Not had time, gear or patience to get a normal group.
Gold to spend: 75k-100k
Character name: Kasperh

Spec: Arcane Mage

Ilvl 568

Experience 11 hcs:. 8 on mage 11 on pala called zonizer.

Gold to spend: 250k
Saved for this week, but available for next weeks.

Character name: Dotworry - Twisting Nether
Class: Warlock
Spec: Dest/Affli
Average ilevel: 580
Experience: 13/14hc
Gold to spend: 50k

Character name: Eviljabcake - Frostwhisper
Class: Monk
Spec: Brewmaster
Average ilevel: 575
Experience: 13/14hc
Gold to spend: 100k
Character name: Huhoholic
Class: Priest
Spec: Shadow
Average ilevel: 561
Experience: 11/14 HC
Gold to spend: 30k
Invited everyone who posted on this page in game calender please remember to login your main characters and accept calender invite and watch first 6 bosses heroic vids and read tactics and be fully prepared for it we'll start at 19:30 realm time.
Character name: Jnin
Class: Druid
Spec: Boomkin mainspec, healing and tanking offspecs (can play w/e)
Average ilevel: 570
Experience: 14/14hc
Gold to spend: 30k
Character name: Kallistratos
Class:Death Knight
Spec:Dw Frost
Average ilevel:566
Experience:5/14 HC
Gold to spend:500k
How did the first GDKP run go? I wasn't able to make it unfort but I would like to come for the next run, if it was a succes. :)
We got to nazgrim but I didn't hear anything about following on with the rest of bosses, would love to finish it off with you guys, nice bunch of people! There was one douchebag DK with 463 ilvl that replaced an afk dps and he done nothing for 2 bosses and got kicked though lol
How much was the income of this past run? Wondering if it's worth signing up for the upcoming reset?

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