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I just bought the game today and was ready to play. When I was at the quest battle for the gilneas we all noticed a strange bug, due that it will be fair from Blizzard to give us some free days in return. They had a long test beta realm and they still manage to @#@* it up. No offence though but this is the truth.

Thanks in advance.
Any chance you will elaborate on that "strange bug" ?

Yes free days for all

I wholeheartedly subscribe to your ideas as they are flush with bountiful merit

I am sure those holding the reins shall notice this thread and free days shall be arriving post haste
If you mean guys not spawning then you should know that it takes à few minutes before the battle begins.
07/12/2010 23:10Posted by Dayaene
Any chance you will elaborate on that "strange bug" ?

Would love to know that also since I have done that and did not really notice bugs running around
i didnt notice a bug as well
maybe they fixed today but i doubt it since there was no patch
I saw a Catapillar.....


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