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Hi! I'm sorry to ask a question about playing WoW on Linux, but i really need some help. I run WoW through Wine and I have Ubuntu 12.04 on my computer. I downloaded the launcher without problems, but always when I log in and try to install the game through the launcher it closes the window and tells that "the application encountered an unexpected error". This is my first time using Linux operating system, but i've heard and seen that it's still possible to play this game. So how can i get this game installed succesfully? Thank you in advance.
You might have more luck on a Linux related forum as Blizzard support cannot help you with this. Though of course some player might be able to (just mentioning the support bit since you posted on the support area).
Okey, thank you (: Where can i find this Linux related forum?
Sorry, I mean as in a Linux community forum in general that you might be able to find through Google, not a specific forum as I don't know of any. There's bound to be some that are about gaming on Linux though.
Okey, i'll try to find something. Thank you for you time (:
Ah, right now even though the game works it does require some tweaking as the current WINE release version is slightly outdated, and the current development release is not that stable.

First, find out what version you are using. (Run `wine --version` in a console)
Most likely you will be running wine-1.6.2 , if that is the case then you need to tweak a little setting in winecfg.

So first off, open `winecfg`.
Second, open the libraries tab.
There, type in 'dbghelp` in the 'new override for library' and add it.
Then select that override from the drop down list and hit 'Edit'.
In the new popup set it to disabled.
Close/Save(OK) all the windows, from there you should be able to start up the installer without it crashing.

After that you should be able to install everything you want (The news won't load though).
Once installed you will notice that just hitting 'Play' will not do anything, or if it does, won't actually log you into the game.
For this reason login the traditional way by launching the game from the shortcut on the desktop.
Occasionally the 64bit version of the game runs badly and will disconnect you while loading your character, if this happens you need to set the game to the 32bit version in the launcher, if this does not work and the game still loads in 64bit then you need to DELETE Wow-64.exe in the installation folder (It gets restored during an update, so you might have to do it every few days/weeks).

If you run 1.7.X then... just install and laugh >:) (Heartstone does not work in that version though :/)

Edit: There might not be a shortcut on your desktop after installation, just make one yourself :D
(If you left everything default during the installation, then wow will be installed in one of these locations:
/home/<name>/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Blizzard Entertainment/World of Warcraft/
/home/<name>/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/World of Warcraft/
/home/<name>/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Blizzard Entertainment/World of Warcraft/
/home/<name>/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/World of Warcraft/

.. It's been a while since I installed it, as I just copy the entire damn folder :P

PS: If you need help on it, just ask.
PPS: Ubuntu 12.04 is 'old' by linux standards, there is a new LTS version of ubuntu (14.04), might want to consider upgrading.

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