[H] SoO HEROIC Boost by <NoM> [14/14HC]

Twisting Nether

NoM are selling Heroic 25 man boosts in SoO. All Heroic loot applicable to your spec AND tier pieces are yours during the run. Warforged items that raiders don't want are also available to you too.

The run is every Wednesday at 8pm server time.

Currently available are parts 1, 2 and 3 Siegecrafter Blackfuse and Paragons of the Klaxxi (bosses 1-13)

If you'd like a boost /w an officer in-game with these battletags to discuss.


Please don't hijack this thread.

Best regards

Currently full for this reset (Wednesday the 16th)

Now taking bookings for the following reset!
Currently 2 spots available for Wed 23-07-14 (not hunter, warr, shaman)
Just did part one with NoM, they were fast, efficient and friendly! I would recommend this service for everyone!.

I got all my class loot and also some off-spec too (but that isn't normal so don't expect it)

thanks again for the great run and hopefully see you again soon!
I've bought a few bosses with NoM now, which i have to say have been perfect flawless kills.

They are friendly and willing to help in every way.

I've had PMs from other members of the raid group offering some advice.

Perfect runs, and i will be coming again!
Hey guys!

Thanks for the feedback :)

Always good to hear it!!

Just so everyone is aware we currently have space for a full part 1,2 and 3 boost this wednesday for a warlock, any priest spec or a Holy pala!

Feel free to whisper us in game or add our btag if you want to join us :)

Want to thank you guise again for the run , was very smooth , great atmosphere i felt like a member of ur guild :)
I know many people out there are sitting on loads of gold and are affraid for them to get scammed , ill tell you right now i didnt doubt at all at any given time. My only regret is that i didnt have more money :// but that might change.

Once again thank's NoM for great , fast and above all fair run.

Thanks for the feedback mate :)

Glad you enjoyed it and got some all important loot!!

We currenty have 2 spots avalible for this reset (wednesday the 30th) so feel free to whisper us in game or through btags to get your spot!!
Open spot for CASTER for Wed 30th.
Another successful week of boosting with 3 boosties getting some great loot and even some HWF pieces!!

We currently have 2 spots avalible for this coming reset!

Feel free to add us on bnet or in game!
I just finished 1-8 bosses with NoM in SoO Heroic.
Every boss went flawless without any wipes and i got several nice heroic upgrades.

I would recommend using NoM to anyone whos looking for some heroic gear.
Officers/Leaders are friendly and helpful. Can be trusted 100%

Thanks for having me, i will definitely join another one in the near future:)

We'll i have to say "Amazing service" friendly and good guys!

the kill went fast and no wipe!

I would recommend using NoM to Anyone!! for persons that are looking for acheivs and heroic gear uppgrades!!! CAN BE TRUSTED 100%

Thanks for letting me join guys! much love<3<3<3
Dear NoM.

Thank you for the great run i had a pleasure of playing side by side with them for 13 bosses. Almost geared my char full of heroic gear through one run! See you next week and thank you once again!
Thanks so much for the feedback guys! Its great that we are getting actual feedback from you guys unlike the other guilds who are doing the same thing as us "without a problem" if they are doing it at all!

Feedback is where it matter's so thank you all for your kind words!

We still have a few places free this week (besides anyone who would share loot with our man Emirion who is coming back again this reset for our 14/14 run)

Please feel free to whisper any of us in game and we can have a chat around what your personal requirments are :)

We have 1 melee/hunter spot open for klaxxi tonight, PM one of the above officers for more info.
Currently have 2 spots up for 14/14 hc next reset 3/09/14

book your spots now for your place!
best feedback on the realm!!
1 spot left for a 14/14 run!

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