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I wish to cancel my subscription. However, when I go to account mannagement the option:''Cancel Gametime Subscription'' option is gone. I used to change payment options before. I do wish to quit World of Warcraft now, due to being fired from my job. I have no current income and i'm afraid as for now I cant afford the game. Could anyone please redirect me to where to cancel my gametime?

Thanks alot,
I can see that you were able to get this matter resolved Frösty and I apologise for the long delay in answering your post.
how i cancel my payment. i am tried of playing world of warcraft and i cant see the ''Cancel Gametime Subscription'' and im sure i will get back.

love Søren/Soeren

if u log into account management and click your WOW account, u should see a list of options beside the "box" picture of the game. Cancel Subscription should be there. if it isnt, then its likely u dont have one set up.
if u think u do and want it cancelled, u can contact Accounts for help

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its not there, and have i get it.
shall i ring to them?
thats up to you. if it aint there, its possible u dont have one set up. however if u want to be 100% certain, a phone call shouldnt take long and should give u peace of mind
How do you pay for your gametime?
If you pay with a credit/debit card every month & the money gets taken without you doing anything, then there will be a 'cancel subscription' link.
If you physically pay every month with a game card or credit/debit card then there's nothing to cancel - you just stop playing when it runs out.

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