Secure your current recurring subscription price for two years

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We regularly look at our pricing around the world and from time to time we make changes in light of local and regional market conditions. As such, we want to give everyone a heads-up that we will shortly be adjusting the pound sterling subscription price of World of Warcraft.

The new price for recurring subscriptions will be £9.99 for one month, £28.17 for three months (£9.39 per month), and £52.14 for six months (£8.69 per month). The suggested retail price of the 60-day prepaid time card will be £20.99.

As a thank you for current World of Warcraft subscribers, we guarantee that players with recurring (auto-renewing) subscriptions at the time of the price change will retain their current price for two years, as long as they remain in the same recurring subscription without interruption. This applies to anyone who is already in, or signs up for, a recurring subscription prior to the price change, which is scheduled to take place at the Warlords of Draenor release. We will reach out to relevant players approximately two months prior to the price change with a reminder.

Edit: The wording when referring to the subscription time periods in this post has been updated for consistency, i.e. 30 days is now 1 month.
It's always been cheaper for us in UK to buy sub in GBP (it costs more in EUR) - I'm guessing this is inline with the character service price changes too. Still seems unnecessary to increase though, are you guys at a loss if you leave it at what it is? I don't think so XD

Keeping my recurring 180 day sub going at the cheaper price then :P
bah, i was hoping for a discount for that huge delay of WoD, but instead of it we get an increase of pricing, not good at all
there goes my monthly £1 bag of chips
Need to get the money back somehow with 800k players leaving just like that last quarter. Shame you guys only make it more expensive for EU players
Incoming rage from people on benefits!

Nice timing on this though, get people hyped about the expansion release and then drop this on people :P
So, lemme get this straight, you are losing subscribers, you have more competition than ever, and you are choosing now, ten years into the game's life, to RAISE the sub?

Someone poured crazy all over their frosties this morning...

PS. Love the attempted positive spin you've tried to put on it ("but you can still pay what you pay now as long as you don't rage quit on us if/when the expansion sucks"), and I also love how you waited until we've all pre-purchased the expansion before telling us that the sub was going up. Pretty shoddy treatment if you ask me (which I admit, probably no-one is).

PPS. If anyone is wondering, I probably won't be rage quitting since I am still hopelessly addicted to this game. Just don't expect me to be happy that an extra pound per month is going to fall out of my wallet as a result.
You are not gonna have any new content for 14 months . but hey! we increase subscription price to make it easier for you to unsub
first 10 extra for new expansion and now this .way to go Blizz GG
Getting a tad greedy now aren't we? :S
as a thank you give me a beta key :P the price hike isn't that bad, well not that bad for me coz I can afford it.

P.S can I add I do actually think it is a little bit of a kick in the teeth that you want people to stay subbed when they have nothing to do in the game........ and its not just recently there has been nothing to do for a while.
When you say "without interruption" I think there should be a slight grace period for people who for whatever reason miss their recurring sub due to a reason out of their control and miss the resub by about a day.
Taking the mick a little, aren't we? A year without content, and you're upping the monthly charge? Couldn't you have just released another random mount on the store and made that extra money overnight?
9.99 £ Still cheaper than 12.99 Euros for a swedish subscriber :>
are you joking ;[ first we get higher services price and now higher sub fee price,
So a 14 month content drought requires a price rise above all other mmos subs hmmmm. Do you work for HSBC ?

And you sit there with a straight face after telling us at blizzcon that we would not have a content draught again to then have the longest content draught in wows history and all the while people who believed you locked into re-ocurring 6 months subs and now want us to do it constantly for 2 years.
This is stupid, we already pay more than US and the rest of EU on subscriptions and Services.
£8.99 in 2004 is the equivalent of £12.40 today. Sounds like we're behind the curve for payments to me.

WoW today is £3 cheaper than 10 years ago, can't argue with that.

No one likes a price hike, but it has been 10 years without one :D
And as for "regularly looking at our pricing around the world and from time to time make changes", correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this the first change in the sub fee ever?
I can't wait to see what we get extra for this 11% increase.

£8.99 in 2004 is the equivalent of £12.40 today. Sounds like we're behind the curve for payments to me.

What you say makes sense, but if it's an inflation issue, why is the price only getting hiked in the UK?

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