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Hi fellow transmo lovers,
I would like to invite you all to my blog: http://fluffyfatfabulous.blogspot.com/ .
I'm writing about transmo sets for Pandarens because I believe they look good in everything :).

What makes my blog special?
I'm trying to use 'random' stuff to create my transmogrifications instead of using premade Tiers or Items sets. I'm not saying that full sets are something wrong. They are for sure epic :). I just think that there are so many great skins that everyone can look unique and of course fabulous!
Moreover I'm collecting every piece of gear by myself before I post something on my blog. It let me explain how to collect items I've used and also find out what the easiest way to get some skins.

What can you find on my blog?
I'm doing post series showing transmo sets I've created for lots of different locations from Outlands to Pandaria. I'm also proud owner of four Pandas which can use any available armor type. It means that you will find on my blog cloth, leather, plate and mail sets.

In addition I'm huge fan of unique skins. I'm slowly creating list of quests which offers such items so everyone can check what is worth keeping in they bank or void storages (I hope that blizzard will give us soon option to restore unique skins quest rewards which we have deleted in the past :()

Recently I have also won Beta Key for WoD. It lets me check all reworked instances and make sure that I will not loose any unique skin which can be removed. I'm trying to post every information about removed skin in my blog.
For example you can find here: http://fluffyfatfabulous.blogspot.com/2014/08/wod-removed-rops-upper-blackrock-spire.html list of possible removed skins in Upper Blackrock Spire (which will be reworked as soon as 6.0 will hit live servers) . This list still need to be confirmed by me on beta (I'm checking if loot wasn't moved to any new bosses) but as for now it is always worth keeping those items :)

I hope you will find some time to visit my blog and stay a while. It will give me great pleasure to welcome you all :)


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