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Update june 2018: we have name-changed in Shadow of the Empires!

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The Empire has been tested greatly in the past few months.

Most notable of which was; a water curse that caused great internal haemorrhaging, to the stage where natural Troll-ish regeneration could not counteract the damage unaided.

It succeeded in, not only, wrecking havoc through the lower castes of the Empire and the beasts under their command but greatly weakening those of the Spear and Mystics ranks and claiming the life of the Prophet Zegha - as the water curse masked a greater hex that doomed him to an early entry to Guinea.

His student Sesh'mak took the mantle of Prophet and as his first task; purified the water of Zul'Gurub with the aid of G'nathus before turning the Empire's focus to improving their standing with the Loa through more dedicated worship.

The new decree could not come at a better time as with the coming of Mid-summer and the conjunction of the season with the fire breathing Jan'alai the Empire prepared for two weeks of celebrations which incorporated summer customs from all the Troll Tribes.

The Empire seems to be recuperating... however the source of the water curse was never established and a dark shadow is creeping toward the Hex Lord.
In Warlords of Draenor, I'm making a troll! I'll consider hitting you up. Good luck!
Awesome! See you around, hopefully!
It's good to see the empire is around.

Though I have one question: Why are zegha and sesh'mak members of the zanchuli council? The ones who are consulted before every major war and decission. they're like the kings advisors (in my eyes anyway). It seems like a very high position, just wondering.

-Do excuse me for mistakes I might have made in grammar and spelling i'm not the best at english-
18/08/2014 19:57Posted by Cobrazan
Though I have one question: Why are zegha and sesh'mak members of the zanchuli council? The ones who are consulted before every major war and decission. they're like the kings advisors (in my eyes anyway). It seems like a very high position, just wondering.

As potentially God-modding the rank may appear/ be when interacting with others in a guild like Zandalari Empire it serves some, very key and important functions;

The Empire treats its leader almost akin to a God. This is not a position that could have been gained easily, it would have required many years of back-story and... breeding/training.

A character of the Zanchuli council would offer all of the above characteristics that would cement them as characters that other Troll tribes could deem worthy to not only lead them but also making them important and influential enough to die for without any hesitation.

That fact that we have a role-player who can pull off such a character without appearing arrogant and power hungry, is also a big positive.

The con to such a choice is an issue when interacting with others as some might not be as willing to accept the character and their position, whereas we, as a guild, have.

Considering our guild is supposed to be Rastakahn loyal, the leader would need to at least be a Hand of Rastakhan but that doesn't seem high enough to amass another Empire and prepare them to march against Prophet Zul and the rest of their kin.
Recently a War-band of the name Blood Arrow made way to the city bearing a missive from War-chief Vol'Jin. Led by a Zandalari Troll named Rakjinn, he had succeeded in amassing many representatives of races to the cause. This was, however, not the case with the Empire who continue in their xenophobic tenancies. With many of the Empire's resources spent on preparing to march on Prophet Zul as per the orders of Ghede Bwonsamdi, they have little time to focus on Lessers - likewise though they would never work with them, time and again it has been proven that attempting to cull the Lesser races often ended in defeat.

An agreement was made nonetheless: as long as Lessers do not attempt to make incursions on the Holy lands of Trolls, the Empire will have no need to purge them and instead they continue to focus on the orders the almighty Loa have cast upon them, for better or for worse.
For anyone interested in the relative heights of the "core" characters of the Empire please refer to; as drawn by Drav

(With thanks to Nacome's Height chart, which can be found here; )
Spurred on by a recent intervention of the Eel, the Trolls of the Empire held celebrations in his honor.

All hail G'nathus, the Guardian Eel of the Zandalari.

A fishing contest, the crafting of Eel shaped icons, offerings to the sea and G'nathus himself were only part of the festivities that continued well into the night by the shores of Stranglethorn Vale.
Was in this guild as a n officer from day one and left after a period of time but the guild seems well developped and i wish you guys the best of luck.
17/01/2015 23:18Posted by Zelujin
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Do you have any restrictions on classes as i have a troll but he is a dk but if you guys can accept that then that would be awesome - Zul' Una
Hello there Fixxis.

Unfortunately we do not except Death Knights if that is their back-story as the Empire is very much against the Undead (although more specifically the arcane magic sub-type of Necromancy).

If the character is a Death Knight class but is more akin to a warrior In Character this would be fine - we don't consider actual class mechanics as a limitation to characters; warriors a hunter can role-play mystics just as much as priests, shamans or mages.

I hope this answers your question and thanks for your interest in Zandalari Empire.
Found you people a few days back, got a chance yesterday to observe you people a little.

Your Loa-lessons really sound interesting and i might follow you a little more
Always loved the Zandalari Empire (both the guild and the faction!) but I do have to ask a question based on the lore we've given.

It has been confirmed that King Rastakhan supports Zul's crusade to recreate the troll empire (or, that's what the devs would have us believe) so in regards to this, how does that effect the running of the guild? Being loyal to the king and all, are you oblivious, ignorant, uninformed or otherwise? Would be quite interested in hearing your stance on this!

Source provided:


Comment From ReignTG
Does Rastakhan support what Zul and his followers are doing? I know he didn't believe Zul's visions at first, but now?

Fargo: Rastakhan was only humoring Zul until the Cataclysm struck. Afterwards, Zul commanded a lot of respect among the Zandalari. Rastakhan's empire is sinking into the sea, and only Zul has a way out - I think he supports the prophet. We'll see more of the Zandalari... someday!

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