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Argent Dawn
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- Oi, look, mon. Dere dey are, - a pale looking troll pushes tall forest troll in the shoulder. Both turn their heads towards the road covered with mist.

Hunched figure appears slowly out from the fog, limping and holding his ribs. He makes several steps and falls on his knees. He tries to rise his head, but starts to cough and falls on the ground with all his weight.

Two tall figures appear above the dead body.

- Ah, mon, me told him no’ to go.
- He neva listen, neva. He had his own reasonh. Ma’be Bawon told him it be time to join him.
- Ai, mon, let’s take him…
- as the troll tries to pick up the body fog starts to fade away and clears the road full of dead bodies. Orcs, humans, elves… - Wha’… mon, look. Ah… Wha’ shou’ we do? Shou’ we also burry dem?
- Ya be crazeh, Naju? Cut off deir heads, ma’be we can catch some of deir spireths and present dem to Bawon. Dey no respect da Loa. Let Bawon decide wha’ to do wid dem,
- tall forest troll smirks and takes a long curved knife from his belt.


- ‘Ere, take it. Ma’be ya need some in da Gardens, who kno’s, - tall troll giggles and puts several coins in the sand.
- Hope Bawon will like it, made dis me’self, - Naju places a small bottle with alcohol on the small altar.
- Ai, no worries, Naju. No worries. If ya be still alive den he be cool wid it… O’ Bawon Samedi is just scared to drink ya’s booze, - a tall troll starts to laugh hysterically.
- Shaddap, mon! Shh... me hope Jirza'ju won't be alone dere.
- Well, Naju, we can kill some wo'mon to make him a company dere, but we will need to kill two, 'cause Samedi will be mad if Jirza'ju gets a wo'mon an' Samedi just a bottle of booze,
- he bursts out laughing again.

Two tall figures stand at the crossroad looking towards the sunset waiting Bwonsamdi to take their friend’s spirit to the other side.


Followers of the Zul Guede is a society of trolls who follow old ways of voodoo and praise their Ancestors. They try to stay aside from conflicts between mortals and focus on supporting troll culture and their history. Followers of the Zul Guede place Loa above everything else and Loa of the Dead takes the first place in their pantheon of Loa.

Voodoo is not just a religion, but a complex experience that ties soul and body together. And because of that followers of the Zul Guede try to learn that experience through connection to Ancestor Loa - Guede.

Samedi, Bwonsamdi or Mueh’zala is the keeper of the sleep, cemeteries and the dead. It is his will to take spirits with him or leave them walking with the living. And those who does not respect him will face his judgement… as ends comes to us all.

Guild is focused on religion and everyday life, like rituals, studying spirits and their ways, watching after the dead. That doesn’t mean there’s no place for warriors in the guild, because serving Bwonsamdi also includes protecting those who should not to be returned to the world of living against Samedi’s will. Followers of the Zul Guede is a society of people who share similar beliefs in the first place, not an organisation.

Followers are open to any trolls that wish to old way of voodoo and will treat with respect their previous beliefs and ways of life until they treat the Loa of the Dead in appropriate way. Followers of the Zul Guede is not a closed society, but as a group of trolls who share a common goal, but different race, it keeps its sercet’s within the group.

Argent Archives page:
Attitude towards other Loa

Loa as any other spirits should be respected and honored. And honored more than other spirits. But cult appeals to his worshipers not to blindly devote yourself to the Loa and to not sacrifice everything you have.

Living ones were created by Gods with some purpose and when it will be time to enter the Gardens we will answer before Bwonsamdi for our deeds, not the other Loa. It’s Bwonsamdi who will decide how painful will be our road to the Gardens.

Blind devotion led Hakkar’s followers to oblivion and extinction.

Drakkari showed us that Loa’s power is not infinite. But on the other hand soon their Empire fell.

Everything has it’s purpose and should be treated with proper respect and with equal wisdom. One man is nothing of worth to the Loa, but many are great source of power and energy. That power should feared, because it can as help as harm you. And until we are together – we are a family.

Attitude towards other guilds and factions

Followers will be neutral to Horde, but as members will be from different troll tribes it’s business of each separate individual how they treat other races outside the cult. Still other troll tribes are counted as neutral, because we share the idea that we are all equal before the face of the death. And those who do not honor the Loa are not worth any respect.

Because of neutral position towards other troll tribes and considering them all as equal, we share a point of view that all trolls should be united.

As protectors of the dead the guild will also aid warbands with healers and priests to honor the fallen warriors or aid their brothers in arms to bargain with Loa if it is too early for the warrior to enter the Gardens.

Attitude towards undead

Undead and death knights are treated negatively, but there is always exceptions. Bwonsamdi controls spirits and we will not argue with him and will not question spirits that have possessed other dead bodies to return to the world of living, but only if we consider that it was by Bwonsamdi's will.

Those who were returned to this world against their will have to bargain with the Loa, so he would allow the spirit to stay in this realm.

Witch doctors or any shamans who create zombies or play with death for their own purposes are treated with hostility. By that we also mean everyone who tries to capture a spirit in any kind of vodou item for their own purposes.

Also DK's are forbidden to use ghouls, geists or skeletons, hunters - to use undead pets and other members to use undead mounts ICly. Or you have to give me a very good reason why should you.
(For example my hunter has a spirit pet. But it is a spirit and we can ask spirits to aid us sometimes, it's not a try to transfer their spirit into someone elses body)
But this is only a guild position and you always can do your dirty stuff secretly when no one can catch you.

Confusion with the names

We consider Bwonsamdi and Samedi as one entity. Mueh’zala due to similarities with Bwonsamdi also can be considered as the same Loa, but it is questionable, because ways of the Sandfury can differ. It’s all up to further RP.
Also guild doesn’t have strict hierarchy, but have different roles played in this society. That’s why we won’t have specific place for home or base, but there will be common places to meet and perform rituals.

The guild ranks serve not as ranks themsleves, but as roles in our community:

Bokor – a person who deals with darker side of voodoo, who uses it to punish or harm others, so justice could find it's place.

Houngan/Mambo – they are priests (male/female) of the cult and those who bargain with the Loa. They help lost spirits to find their peace, protect them and ask them for their wisdom.

Brave – a person who looks after the dead and their peace, the person who fights the abominations that returned to this world as mindless zombies.

Follower – a person who worships Samdi, but do not take bigger part in bargaining with Loa. They also tend to be assistants to priests.

Maroon – a newcomer who has just left his home in order to secretly serve Samdi.

Zombie – an OOC for players or new comers to the guild, who hadn’t join the guild ICly.

Undead trolls won't get any special rank and can take any role they think will fit their RP. But as those mostly will be DK I think Brave will fit them most.

The guild has more religious trend and because it doesn’t have strict hierarchy everyone can take part in different roles, like a newcomer can try to bargain on his own with the Loa. Of course it doesn’t mean Loa will hear him, but the same thing can happen with witch doctor and Loa won’t listen what he is being asked about.

In future this roles can be changed and maybe new can be created.
My personal goal of the guild is to add more fun and black humor into the game. I plan to take part not only in common life RP, but in war campaigns. And of course to cooperate with other guilds who will be interested to roleplay with us.

It’s a concept at the moment, so if anyone is interested post here or message me in game. Also I would be rather glad to hear your opinion about this.
Best of luck with the guild!
As I've said, I think this guild is a very nice addition to the troll community of the server. I hope all the best with the guild and look forward to roleplaying with you!
21/08/2014 11:39Posted by Zulluji
Mueh’zala due to similarities with Bwonsamdi also can be considered as the same Loa, but it is questionable, because ways of the Sandfury can differ. It’s all up to further RP.

I may sound stupid but isn't this Bwonsamdi's wife if my research isn't all wrong

All the same i wish you good luck.
22/08/2014 09:58Posted by Erzuli
I may sound stupid but isn't this Bwonsamdi's wife if my research isn't all wrong

All the same i wish you good luck.

Well it can be possible, but in Tablet of Theka we can find that:
"Ueetay no Mueh'zala
God of Death, Father of Sleep, Son of Time, the Night's Friend."
So he seems to be a man.

In vodou Baron Samedi has a wife, she is a loa of death, Maman Brigitte. So for sure there can be a loa who is a Bwonsamdi's wife. In vodou there is a whole family of death loa. It called Guede or Ghede. Most of them cross with shadow hunter's loa, but they are not canon anymore. They share same names as vodou loa, but some differ in their description.
I see thanks for clarifying my lore is still rugged as a beginner.
I really hope this works out for you- I find hatian voudou fascinating as it is and I honestly had no idea the trolls had an in game canon reference to the good Baron himself.

Best of luck!
Hey, thanks everyone for the feedback! It's rather nice to hear.

Also I have updated 2nd post about undead:

Also DK's are forbidden to use ghouls, geists or skeletons, hunters - to use undead pets and other members to use undead mounts ICly. Or you have to give me a very good reason why should you.
(For example my hunter has a spirit pet. But it is a spirit and we can ask spirits to aid us sometimes, it's not a try to transfer their spirit into someone elses body)
But this is only a guild position and you always can do your dirty stuff secretly when no one can catch you.
We use Maman Brigitte in ZE as a Darkspear Loa;

Maman'Mari - The breath of rebirth

Maman'Mari, one of the Ghede and wife to Bwon'Samdi, is the guardian of graves and holds the power and responsibility to pick who is to be reincarnated. Passionate about Troll spirit's experiencing as much pleasure as possible she is an advocate for debauchery.

Wild and sexual with a love for dancing and drinking she tempts male and female Trolls alike to fulfil their desires and is often turned to when a spirit is overwhelmed with sadness and grief - her gifts help raise the soul and bringing healing and peace to a troubled spirit.

Though she takes from Trolls the memories of their past lives she understands the importance of prior experiences and as such protects the graves and tombs of Trolls so that their previous incarnations will not be forgotten.

Perhaps the least conniving out of all the dark Loa she is open does not hide her nature, nor does she plot and scheme. However if angered, there is no hope of escaping her wrath.

Favoured offerings: Peppers burned on a fire and the sacrifice of a black rooster.

Another one of the Ghede is Mueh'Zala.
Many thanks for the fun event last night, it was really nice to participate it! I believe all our members enjoyed it and look forward in joining for another adventures with you guys in the future!
A spirit appears near the shore in torn clothes with many scars over his body like he was tortured for a long time. He stands silently looking at the water, something tracks his attention and he turns his head towards the group of trolls, but fades away.

A tall forest troll walks towards them and takes the skull they've just found. He examines it and points on the cut lines on the skull.

- Ai, look, dey just cut of his head... poor mon... bu' where be his bodeh? - troll sight runs towards the water. A small mist covers the lake around the Temple of Atal'Hakkar.

- Me hope dey no take it into de temple, - replies a womon with mask covering her face.

- Ai, no sure, no sure, - points on the trace near the shore leading into the water, - dey could just throw it into de wata'. Me will need to go down.

The forest troll makes several steps closer to the water. He eyes water for several seconds, a slight shiver runs over troll's back. Sound of croaking frogs comes from other side of the lake. Not all life has left this cursed place.

He takes off his kilt and jumps into the water. In several minutes he gets out from the water dragging a bag tied with ropes. He takes a knife to cut them and open the bag. A strong smell of rot and algae comes from it. A beheaded skeleton shows to your eyesight.


I would like to thank all those who participated in yesterday's event "In the search of the spirit". It was fun and rather interesting. Well, at least for me. I hope you have found something new about our traditions and rituals relating the dead.
It was also good to see guys from The Cult of the Raptor.

Here's also several screenshots from the event(feel free to use them):
- See, mon? He has cut cross on his fo’head. He be mockin’ de Loa, de spirits, like he has nothin’ to fea’, dat he will come to de crossroads himself an’ make otha’s answa’ befo’ him. Bu’ he be jus’ anotha’ crazeh witch doctah. If he be smarth enough he would leave trace to find him. We will help him join de dead, bu’ wid head cut an’ skull crushed, - troll throws the zombie head into the grave.

Date: September 16.
Time: 20:00 server time.
Location: Eastern Plaguelands.

The Cult of Samdi will have a small quest at Eastern Plaguelands to hunt down a witch doctor who has been turning zombies and consuming spirits of his victims to get strength to face mighty loa of the dead on his own. But at first he should fight his way through the living ones who seek to spill blood of outcasts.
His trace leads to Eastern Plaguelands where the remains of Mossflayer struggle for survival.

Event will take place at two locations at Eastern Plaguelands and will involve killing some mobs, NPCs and doing several rituals.

Event will be help in narrative RPG style involving several NPC characters played by other players.
Event will be held by Zulluji as the main narrator and a Game Master (GM).
Jamiza will be the raid leader, so you can ask her to join the event group.

First of all I want to say that event will be focused on having a good time and not on emote-harming or killing anyone, without their permissions of course.

Narrator messages will be posted in Raid Chat. Narrator has a right to force emote some events (like “it gets darker”, “you start to choke”,” you stop to feel your legs and fall on the ground”). I want to say again that real harming or killing-emotes will be avoided.

Anyone who wishes to participate – feel free to post here or message me in game. If you are non-troll Horde character and have any ideas how you can fit the event feel free to join.

All characters who act as NPCs will have their names changed using Total RP or MRP addons, so there won’t be any misunderstandings when you will RP and actually meet those players any time later. They are two different persons, but I just use their model to have an interactable NPCs.

- Witch Doctor Mra’chazur (character real name is Zathuzuur) will be an interactable NPC. This is my alt char, so he will also act as narrator and a GM;
- Braza'tu the Witch (character real name is Jamiza).
- Zombies and undead animals (played by DK and hunter pets).

If there will be any changes I will post it here to keep everything up to date.
I look forward to the event!
Rumor has it that Mueh'zalah and Shadra are possibly some sort of couple, as well.
Small addition to the event:

Jamiza will act as another NPC - Braza'tu the Witch.

To get the starting location whisper me(Zulluji or Zathuzuur) or Jamiza aswell.

13/09/2014 16:45Posted by Khalída
Rumor has it that Mueh'zalah and Shadra are possibly some sort of couple, as well.

Is there any source of that rumor? Never heard about that. Or was that told by a friend's friend who know a guy who told that rumor::)?
Many thanks for the fun event last night! We all enjoyed it very much, thanks for inviting us along! :)

Sadly I forgot to take any screenshots, but I can tell you all that it was an avesome adventure. I look forward to the next one!
Hey, thanks everyone for coming! It was fun and I am glad you came. Especially i would like to thank Jamiza for her help, she did a great job and much to make this event come true. Thank you!

To make a small review: we managed to hunt down the witch doctor, but he appeared to be a victim to someone else's foul vodou. A strange witch was behind Witch Doctor Mra'chazur and he was just a toy manipulated by others. During the quest travelers have found some journal written in dwarven language and a strange skull in the Undercroft, kept for some reasons by Braza'tu the Witch. Zullu'ji got almost killed, but was saved by his companions.

At this point I would like to note Ransul and Fajou. While I was lying bleeding and dying, they were just looting corpses without any intention to help me.
Best. Friends. Ever::))

And I also forgot about screenshots, but managed to capture two in the end:

Thank you and see you later at our other events!

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