25 man raid progression - Click link, request sticky.

Argent Dawn
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Tron council down by Lunatics convention

25 man raiding has commenced guys
Magmaw down as well
Maloriak down
We will be starting the 6th, from that day our current 10man raids will seize to exist. Just when it was going so well!
atramedes down
just a quick question, as in ICC we had to have killed LK to get heroics and to count, are you doing the same this time round, not counting heroics till that guild has killed the end of instance boss's on 25 man?
Redemption kills Halfus Wyrmbreaker.
Redemption got Magmaw too after excellent tanking by our Plate DPS. What a joke of a fight he is on 25 compared to 10man.
And Omnitron.
Omnitron, Magmaw, and Maloriak down for Alter Ego 25.
Conclave of Wind downed by Redemption.
Halfus down

( these forums are bugged )
Halfus and some trash to boot.

Also I may have tanked the whole night in my Chef's Hat...

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