Currently not getting holy power from Holy Light

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The things is, I currently am healing well in 10 mans with my gemmed/enchanted gear, but if I was still freshly dinged with green gear I wouldn't be capable of healing heroics. I would probably go out of mana around 30% of a boss and the group wouldn't have any space for even the smalles mistakes. This is unfair to the ones who want to play holydin right after the ding. I'm sure Blizzard could figure out ways to balance LoD+HP healing other ways than nerfing the HP generating system almost totally.
@ Arena

Thats why u should do HL for HP, and use WoC. But ATM ITS FREAKING #*!*, since u dont get HP from HL onn beacon target..........
please fix i this sucks.
It's disappointing on such a level that i am actually thinking about finally leaving this game. I healed since the release of horde paladins...
Burning Crusade: Spam Flash of Light like a madman
WOTLK: Spam Holy Light like a madman
Cata: Finally a more involving system emerged. And you sc*#!% it within ONE week?
What is the solution?
Divine Light like a madman
Might have to stock spirit up by 2000-3000 then..
happened to me at last boss in SFK
I would really like a Blue post about this, if its true that holy light will no longer generate any holy power when cast on BoL target, it would change paladin healing a lot. Imo we would prob become the weakest healing class in the game, but of course I can't be sure about that.
Please just make a Blue Post about this.
Well I think it's kinda ridiculous that I still heal almost the same amount as when I was lvl 80.
Can't I expect bigger heals when I reach a new max lvl?

Healthpools got boosted like mad. x4
And the heals got 'boosted' by 1.2%

That's practically nothing.
Please could I get a blue post, I need to know if I should be relearning or waiting for a fix.
They want us to get back to Tank healing.

Use Divine light like a madman and keep our HP to WoG the Tank. xD
Doing a lot of Crusader Striking when raiding atm, thank you blizzard for this. Crusader Striking for Holy Power is so much more fun. I'm guessing you didn't intend for this to happen, but sadly this is what happens when you nerf a class without having a clue of the consequences.

I am also sad for all these holy paladins trying to do Heroic 5man in their ~333 blue gear, I wont mind since I got mana for Divine Light.

GJ making Holy Paladin harder for the casual/semicasuals.
I'm freaking furious about this.

When blizz finally made pala healing fun and challenging they decided to nerf us back to hell. And I really mean FUN.

I really enjoyed the first week of Cata. Maybe the best time I've spent in WoW the last six years.

... But this change... I can't find words for how upset I am.

QQ Blizz. You seriously fakked up this time.
Can we just have some sort of blue post on this. It would be nice if we weren't left in the dark about such a major issue
Blue post please... ppl are starging to guess whats wrong and maybe say wrong things... just tell u what the problem is.

this nerf is way too big. (if its a nerf)
Seriously Blizzard WHAT KIND OF CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THIS? You could ATLEAST give us 1 minute of your time and tell us what is going on.
Adding my list of observations from the changes:

HL no longer benefiting from ToR (clearly).

Light of Dawn healing about 50% less, but for infinite targets and no diminishing. The self heal component seems to transfer through beacon, but not the party/raid heal.

Holy radiance is -aggressively- diminishing with extra targets, and will only tick for about 8-9k in -total- with as many targets as you can find - which is a vast nerf. Self healing portion of HR is the same. Effectively this spell has been neutered for group purposes.

My 2 cents on said changes: way too much for a single swooping change. Holy radiance change seems unreal (just try it yourself, surprised no one has picked it up yet), light of dawn change is unwanted nerfs on smaller groups and a call for being overpowered in 25 man raids. The change of mechanics suddenly is quite drastic and lame, and as many have pointed out become completely nullified within heroic tier level or so (or perhaps next tier) when divine light becomes spammable. If holy paladins were overpowered, lower the numbers to compensate. Hell use "walk in the light" to adjust with ease.
Light of Dawn doesnt have infinite targets.
Well Im sitting in AH hitting 50 odd people per cast of LoD.
blessed life (4-6 sec would have been fine) and holy shock nerf was fail enough, when this is intended its actual makes healing no fun again

yes i queue random, means i have to cope with fail dps and crappy geared tanks.
wog procs of holy light made me capable of healing this groups just fine though so i dont mind.

dont see why other classes get buffed or remain untouched and we get such nerfs.

if this is intened our second endtalent is useless, maybe not for 25 raids where u spam the tank with dol.

and not announcing such major changes is so f**** i cant belive it.
Blue post:

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