Currently not getting holy power from Holy Light

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No point in really discussing this on EU forums, you saw how only US get recongnized and answered to, And when we here at EU forums get a reply it's never something that gets to the developers.
Just tried another instance and had to cry at how bad my aoe healing is. In order to keep up with the steady stream of AOE damage on some bosses I have to use a 7k heal on the tank, along with Holy Shockign just to be able to LOD which covers maybe 2 ticks of the bosses AOE damage.

So sad, so sad. Gonna gather tank gear and find sunnier shores. I don't HAVE to play holy paladin if what I'm going to work with is a steaming pile of crap. GG blizz, really broke my heart today.
stealth nerf, thought we wouldn't notice
im not its %%@!ing *%@% i had fun in heroics even with "not so good groups", how im supposed to keep people up now.

no idea who designs palas, was like : hey we give paladins holy power so they use different spells, then we nerf all spells into ground but just not hp since it was such well thought and cool design.

so what now i spam crusader strike as a healer? u gotta %%@!ing kidding me healing is busy enough. since i surely dont spam 2 crappy shocks and 1 dl to get my 3 hp.

remove holy power again and give back fol spam when ur too fail to design. another note only a small amount in this game is highendraiders, so this nerf hits all casual players very hard.
Talenting out of Tower of Radiance as we speak, it has no value now
sweet paladin tears, give me more!

and what sanguinity said, the other healing classes have been like this since release, cry more about not being ridiculously overpowered anymore.
I agree that Holy Paladins might have been to powerfull, and I agree that we needed a nerf. But, this takes litterly all the fun out of the game. Now its back to mindless spamming of 2 (maybe 3 if you count the ocational 'wtfoh@%#!' flash of light) spells that made WotLK not so much fun for paladin healers. This past week was epicly great, so much fun to heal. It was hard, but oh so rewarding couse you had to USE YOUR BRAIN.
You had to cast an insufficient heal (holy light) to get Holy Power to heal unless it was needed to really really heal, and then it was over to the more high profile (and mana expensive) spells. Not any more... This change will mean that I lose about 80% fun in the game, I quit playing at the end of WotLK, and one of the reasons was that I was just tired of spamming 2 heals, and now, after you gave us a taste of how it can be, you take it all away and make it back to that again.
Nerf all our heals for all I care, make it so that they heal half of what they heal now, really, I would not mind. But for the love of all that is Holy in this World of Warcraft; don't remove the fun.
Not sure how holy paladins being nerfed makes you feel better about yourselves, but ok. All this changes is that CS is a bit "cooler" now, and we suck until we get epic gear at which point we are nearly as strong as before.

EDIT: A better solution would be to make LoD cost mana again, you know - because thats when we were balanced on beta.
lol.. Seeing this as a nerf? It's not a nerf. We can still be mana efficient. Played some HC's with this new model now. And tbh all it has done is paladin healing is now really really boring. I dont have mana issues, i don't have output issues. I have just had to adapt my playstyle. Before i was doing something all he time. Now im back to spamming one spell basically..............

Wasn't Cataclysm supposed to bring fun into the game, as oposed to the one button spamming of WotLK?? It has just returned. Holy light is now a spell with no use. Costs no mana, takes forever to cast, does no healing worth mentioning.

So now all u do as a paladin is use Flash when tank needs. Holy shock where needed. Flash again. Do a cone or a WoG.. Repeat endlessly.. Judge one cooldown. No mana issues, great output, no fun.. Meh.. They should have just increased mana-cost globally on spells. Not render some spells useless and make the spec boring. Holydins are stil great outputwise, are mana-efficient. But the design-intend of making healing more fun and rotation based went down the drain.. Booooh!
This is unarguably a "nerf". Perhaps you should get your internet speak dictionary out. There were no positive changes in this hotfix.
What's annoying is not that they nerfed us. I guess we needed that. But the annoying part is that holy paladins are now far less fun. We just spam some spells and get to use another heal every 18 sec. Before it involved some strategy, some thinking, now it's a no-brainer to use a HS every 6 sec, WoG every 18 and spam heals inbetween.

They should have simply nerfed the amount we heal for, or just WoG. But not the awesome HP generating part of the class.
Why are we getting flamed by other healing classes? Or Dk's... I mean...WTF? It's just ridiculous!!
I have problems with my mana in heroics, and now I HAVE to use manapots.

%@@! you Blizzard, rly
Just because other healers suck really bad atm doesn't mean paladins should have got nerfed. Have you seen the kind of insane AOE damage in raids? Magmaw does 100k damage to entire raid every 30 seconds or so. So you take away another classes AOE ability(cos lets face it who's gonna spam DL just to use LOD) and guess what the other healers still suck bad, but we suck bad too, and now the raid wipes.

on Sunday against Dragmaw I was top on healing by 1/4 of the other healers overall over a 3 hour raid. And was struggling for mana a lot. Tank deaths etc. LOD every 6-10 seconds allowed other healers to assist more on the tank instead of having to work all the AOE cos I can't.

This change has taken me from being allround healer, to tank healer again. Thx blizz.
cant believe all this idiots pretending paladins didnt need a nerf,
if we even only look at the base heal of each class before this,

holy light, heals 9k on main target, 5k on beacon target, as well as 5k on self from talents = total 19k as well as generating holy power for free 12k dawn of light heals

the other classes base heals hit for 9k, on 1 target, with no other added benefit, druids even need 2 hots to make it hit for that much
just got kicked from a heroic due to lack of AOE ability. :( sad panda
while i think that completly removing HL from ToR was extreme as i agree this now makes the talent useless, cant afford the mana for FoL or DL.
maybe it should of been another of thos cannot occur more than once every xx seconds.
The nerf came during a 25% wipe on Defence system, who knows maybe it caused it.
But I adapted, I still top the meters and we killed a few tries later.
could be worse. could be a priest.
Thank you Blizzard for letting us know that you are watching our mana usage and healing.. but why not buff the other classes instead of nerfing, i could need a fix for some of my spells?

Well Holy Paladins, welcome to Cataclysm :)
Way to nerf them the wrong way, completely 100% redicolus change, you do indeed need to look at the bigger picture not just at the bads complaining instead of playing the game. 90% of the healers in here don't even know what your changed acctually does to paladins, they just see a lot of annoyed confused paladins complaining at the incompitence of todays dev's and reply with some ignorant #%!*.

Oh well, wow has never been what it used to pre wotlk, not to mention the devs.

And no, i'm not a paladin - infact i've healed perfectly fine what my friend has on her pally, on my priest & druid, people just need to addapt to the way the cata river is floating instead of using all their time complaining.
revert the nerf
its our only healing spell worth using
Even still, it heals for next to nothing.. We are single target tank healers
and we have next to no abilities to do so without going OOM, especialy early geared.

We need WoG to make up for our no shield, no HoT.
Yet now, we get no HP from HL therefor, cant get WoG off, or LoD

Just because a few players, can manage their mana better than others, regardless of class
or because of their role in the raid of healing the tank instead of AOE healing, therefor having to use other heals less
Does not mean it needs a nerf.

You don't have all the facts together before you do these nerfs, Im now forced to roll ret
cause healing heroics, which was a challenge is now impossible.

Well done.

It is not the fault of the paladin others can not play
It is not the fault of the paladin others can not adjust
It is not the fault of the paladin we have a different healing role.

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