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Enraged Revolution


Enraged Revolution is one of the most successful 25man guilds on Sylvanas.Founded in May 2008,we started our journey with Sunwell Plateau and Kil'Jaeden.Some of our notable achivements/kills:

Realm First! Grand Crusader - 28/10/2009

Realm First! Fall of the Lich King - 6/6/2010

Realm First! Nefarian - 23/02/2011

Realm First! Sinestra - 1/04/2011

Realm First! Ragnaros - 11/09/2011

Raiding Style - Hardcore

We raid five days a week :

Monday 19:00-00:00

Tuesday 19:00-00:00

Wednesday 19:00-00:00

Thursday 19:00-00:00

Sunday 19:00-00:00

Loot System - Loot Council( fair and equal system that suits us,we have been running it for ~1.5 years now,never had issues)

Raiding Atmosphere - We mix quality on our progress raid with fun

Are you willing to step up a notch,progress and raid with good players?Do you like competing with others while getting boss kills and competing against other top guilds?You want to play in a stable guild that can do progress very seriously and still joke sometimes and keep atmosphere funny and enjoyable?

Than Enraged Revolution is definitively guild for you,drop an application,we promise that you won't regret it!
updated bump.
updated yet again bump
updated bump
Stop bumping!
Bump one bestest holy pala needed AMG asap!
still need a holy pala for future heroic progress,bump.
bump,need alot of classes for future heroic progress.
up, up and up we go!
still recruiting some classes,bump
Need more dedicated players!

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