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Hmmm it sounds abit weird, and it wouldn't nessesary fit an elf on it's own, however it does fit a blood elf warlock abit more, as warlocks tends to have abit more "sinister names".


Crush Spineripper!
27/03/2015 14:25Posted by Rochma
Hmmm it sounds abit weird, and it wouldn't nessesary fit an elf on it's own, however it does fit a blood elf warlock abit more, as warlocks tends to have abit more "sinister names".


Crush Spineripper!

Going for the Laughing Skull I assume? I like it
Graznok does sound proper orcish, no complaints there. It's fitting, if a bit generic.

Though, is there more to it? A surname of any kind? As it stands, I'll give it a 7/10 - good for what it is.

- Mong Peiling (formerly known as Cecia Reang Sonderguard)
30/03/2015 07:08Posted by Peiling
Mong Peiling (formerly known as Cecia Reang Sonderguard)

I think I see what you're going for with this, and I don't think it's working. Mainly because 'Mong' isn't a pleasant work in the UK. The second name is better, towards sounding Pandarian.

The human name is better, specifically the first. The middle name, I'm unsure how to pronounce and the last works, as a human name.

What I don't understand is the change. I feel as if I need to understand the story around it, because out of context is sounds odd for a human to change their name to that of another race's culture.


Terintha Starwhisper
Terintha is quite good, has that authetic Kaldorei sort of feel to it. It actually reminds me a touch of Tyrande in that sense, so it just sounds right, and it's original. Starwhisper, well, standard enough wordsmash which while I'm not a fan of, certainly has its place. "Star" and "whisper" are both very Night Elven words and they flow together decently, so there isn't much negative from that point of view ... however, it is an NPC's name unfortunately, which is sad because the first name was so original.


So, as for myself, Goldishia Knollowinski, however, she would style herself as Goldy Knizzle, and probably nobody would even be aware of her full name!
hmmm, 7/10. Sounds weirdly jewish! :) also the gold part is kinda on the nose but I like it. Esp like the nickname version, give that an 8/10 as it sounds suitably bold and brassy for a goblin!

Yinghei Sourbrew.
It certainly sounds Pandaren, the first name being undoubtedly inspired by Chinese. The surname is also nice and certainly has an air of mystery about - why is she Sourbrew? Were her family famed brewers or failed brewers? Despite this, it doesn't sit too right in my head and doesn't roll of the tongue.


Sir Lyam Reid.
I think it certainly works for a Stromgarde native, Reid has that standard Irish/Scottish kind of feel to it that a great deal of Azerothian human surnames possess, largely because it is one, but ... well ... you know what I mean. Lyam's a little, well ... I don't know, fancy for the sake of it. I know there was a Liam Trollbane, which makes me wonder why you'd put a Y in instead of just using the I, given Liam with the I must be considered a standard Stromic name.

Either way, it's not bad or anything, but it's very middle of the road. Very generic and NPC like, with the only deviation from a normal name being a slight headscratcher. 5/10

31/03/2015 11:22Posted by Yinghei
hmmm, 7/10. Sounds weirdly jewish! :)

Intended, to a degree. The Goblins, especially their accent, remind me of Brooklyn Jews. Their whole culture in general reminds me of a kind of New York mixture if I'm honest, and I tried to get the ghetto/Jewish/immigrant feel down with Goldy's name. First name is kinda ghetto American sounding with Goldishia, last name's Polak/Jewish, and her self styled nickname is even more ghetto!

As for this character, Cathríon Beloria Anithien. The middle name is mostly flavour text, and feel free to disregard the accent over the I in Cathríon, as it was initially put there for pronunciation purposes, but everyone pronounces it correctly, anyways ...
Original, as far as I'm aware, so you get plus points for that. It does sound very elvish and do I detect a hint of the Italian in the middle name there? Bel - possibly a reference to the Italian (and French) bella or "beautiful". I have to minus a few points because it doesn't flow well and Cathrion makes me think catheter every time but it also makes me think Cation as opposed to anion and that reminds me of science, which I love, so plus points back! Overall?


Artemis "Firetrap". Commonly known as Fire for short due to her talent for...well....Fire-related traps, explosions and the like. No one knows her surname....or even her first name! Artemis clearly for the goddess of the hunt by the same name.
erm, 5/10? Sorry, but Im not a fan TBH. Artemis isnt a goddess of anything on Azeroth and Firetrap is certainly original but it makes me think of a broken down building with faulty electrics (as in that place is a firetrap!).

Elisora Brightwing.... and no, Im def not original! :)
Original or not, I like it. Sure, the surname is a generic wordcluster, just to get that out of the way first. It does suit the class of choice, though. And through that, likely the character's IC profession aswell.

The first name though, I really like. It sounds sufficiently elven and is easy to pronounce. Not much more to say about it really, I think it's a great name.


- Louisa Amber Sterling (maiden name Garneau)
Amber is a common word in character names from what I have seen.

Okay name. 5/10.

<--- Tal Minn'da
I keep having this Draenei Commander popping up in my head when i hear the name, first captain of the crystal destroyer, prime star-cruiser of the Armada of light..er..heh mind went going there but yes, i can see it now being an elven name, yea it is getting into shape.

There is really nothing wrong with it, it seems right, although not woaw-worthy but on the other hand how where the parents to know their children would grow up to be horrible deathknight juggernauts?

I'll vote 6/10 because it grew on me.

I keep coming back to this thread for some reason.

Xerevan Starsilk
'tis good. It sounds sufficiently elven and is relatively easy to pronounce for an elven name. I dislike wordcluster surnames but they're quite prevalent in the setting so it's just some subjective bias on my part. All in all it's functional and sounds good.


- Victoria "Vicki" Waters
Waters. You picked the lastname Waters. I love you.

Overall I have two favourite lastnames used by gilneans; Cross and Waters. Victoria is also a classic, but it's a bit too.... Classic. It's overused. It fits tho'!

I'm sure Victoria have her reasons for having the nickname "Vicki" but I would rather hide that in the "Nickname" section of MRP/TRP. Adding it into the name itself makes it sound a bit.... Childish, which I don't find quite appealing. But that's just me, I'm not a professional name-judger.

8/10 I'd say.

Cho'li Wanderpaw
(Pronounced with pressure on the 'O')
mmm...nice first name!
Did you choose it coz its the name for the top part of a indian sari? very pretty

Cho'li suits your pandaren character really well, it also has a nice sound. Strong and dependable.

While I do like Wanderpaw as it suits the first name well , perhaps something a bit more exciting? The first name is so pretty and exotic...


Tulien Dasheel
Tulien is not bad, sounds elvish enough although for some reason I think more of Tolkien than the Warcraft universe. Wasn't there an elf in Middle-Earth called Tulien or something like it..?

Hmm... nevermind.

Dasheel kinda grows on you the more you say it. Saying it too much though makes it sound funny. I found myself picking the name apart... Das Heel... Dash Eel... well you get the picture. *smiles*

Overall a decent name, even though it could have sounded a bit more kaldorei in my opinion.


May the Light be with you
- Laníara Truthseeker
Hm. Laniara Truthseeker, eh?

Well, to begin with, I rather like the name Laniara. I'm not sure if it's a real-world name or not. Either way, it certainly has that Fantasy human vibe to it, with perhaps a little dash of elven in it, too. It's a nice name regardless, and I could see it fitting a human woman.

The name Truthseeker, I'm not quite so sure about. Is this a surname, or a Paladin sobriquet? As a Paladin sobriquet, I'd say it works quite well. As a surname, I'm not quite so sure. It would be a little convenient for her to have Truthseeker as her surname while she's a Paladin... unless she became a Paladin BECAUSE she had that family name.

Anyway. I'll give you a 7/10 for the name. :)

Sir Ailred Durant
07/04/2015 22:07Posted by Ailred

Sir Ailred Durant

Another member of the peerage! Seems like all human males have a 'Sir' at the front of their names!LOL :D
I like it though. First name sounds little bit viking and exotic and the last name is a solid Stormwind sounding name. Altogether it goes really well, 8/10.

Nixx Steamtech.
Nixx is a fairly simple but a nice name, and it certainly suits a Goblin. Adding another vowel might soften its sound a little and make it more feminine, but it is good enough as it is. Steamtech rolls off the tongue nicely and has the kind of "technological" feel to it which Goblin surnames tend to have.

All in all, I'd give it 8/10.

Ilendre Aveilie En'delas.

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