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Argent Dawn
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Hello everyone, since the old guilds of argent dawn thread has been inactive for a rather long period of time i have decided to start a new one with a fresh batch of guilds. The form and rules will remain the same as the old one.

Guild name:
Base of operation:
Guild master:
Recruiting officer:

-Copy and paste the list above in a new reply.

-Feel free to add a link to your recruitment thread on the forums.

-The guilds are sorted in alphabetic order. If your guild has a different name IC, then you may add that name after the actual guild name as it appears in game.

-Only leave a brief concept description of your guild here. If you wish to share more, do so by directing to your guilds forum or webpage.
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Atraxian Council
Faction: Neutral, but pose mainly as Alliance.
Type: Old god based cult.
Concept: Our goal is to create a lack of order, this will lead to the gradual decline into disorder. However we mainly function as a small crime syndicate.
Base of operation: Mainly Duskwood.
Guild master: Darith (Darithim).
Recruiting officer: Brangrim and Sheelá.

Aldori Axiom
Faction: Alliance - Aldor
Type: Religious Community
Concept: A mission from the Aldor sent to Azeroth to help make ready its people for the legion while supporting the faith and prosperity of the Draenei on Azeroth.
Base of operation: The Harborage in the Swamp of Sorrows and Forest Song in Ashenvale
Guild master: Khónsu (also Asklepios) and Davir
Recruiting officer: Samaramon, Asklepios, Harshil

Ashen Vigil
Faction: Neutral
Type: Adventurer
Concept: The Vigil is a group of virtuous individuals, dedicated to aiding those in need, whoever they may be, and countering all efforts of the Legion and its followers. Events range from the mundane to the spiritual, the light-hearted to the disturbing, and mainly include travel and storyline RP. Members can expect a welcoming, laid-back and accepting atmosphere.
Base of operation: Wherever the tents are pitched. Usually the Eastern Kingdoms.
Guild master: Ásarion (temporarily Andrigo)
Recruiting officer: Elothar, Andrigo

Blackwind Marine Platoon
Faction: Alliance
Type: Military-Adventure
Concept: "In short, the Blackwind Marine Platoon is a military-adventure themed guild which thrives upon vast story and character progression. They have proclaimed themselves as an official Kul Tiras force with the purpose to rise to fame and wealth on the seas; sailing as the captain commands, and not as the captain had been commanded. Countless marines have now come and gone, each with the “Golden Anchor” proudly on their chest, each through adversity and through fire, each with their own story to tell. Names such as: The Newland Trade Union, Belmont Bannatyne, the Merrygold Academy of Naval Warfare, Cornelius Blarkfin and Caspian are all deeply imbued in the story of this weather-beaten band of companions."
Base of Operation: The Emancipation of Willard's Hollow [Blackwind Guildgarrison]
Guild Master: Gerrârd
Recruiting Officers: Thermonis
Guild Thread:

The Burning Orb
Faction: Alliance
Type: Raiding Social
Concept:End game raid guild with experience and Mythic intentions
Base of operation: Rune's Garrison
Guild master: Runeholder
Recruiting officer: Sellinde

Bayerleyn Retinue
Faction: Alliance (Stormwind related)
Type: Militant Household
Concept: The personal retinue of a noble of the Kingdom of Stormwind, accomplishing tasks and deeds in the interest of the Alliance or the Household, if not both at once. (Much more info on the webpage!)
Base of operation: The Lord's lands are in Northshire, the "retinue" has quarters and barracks in Stormwind and Northshire both, but operates anywhere is required.
Guild master: Shonn
Recruiting officer: Karema, Heavenfire, Karienn

Blackstone Bootleggers
Faction: Alliance/Neutral
Type: Crime (Smuggling/Trade)
Concept: A group of rogues and rebels who smuggle contraband around the Eastern Kingdoms.
Base of operation: Stormwind - Shady Lady/Slaughtered Lamb
Guild master: Chucker
Recruiting officer: Chucker

Crows and Raptors
Faction: Alliance
Type: Raids
Guild master: VeloTheLock, Crowsfield
Recruiting officer: Casko, Ókami

The Crooked Banner
Faction: Alliance
Type: 'Heavy' RP
Concept: What is the Crooked Banner?
The Crooked Banner is a Chaotic neutral guild that acquires questionable odd-jobs from (Mostly) anonymous clientele such as.
-The smuggling of questionable goods and/or contraband.
-Mercenary work without questions.
-The re-selling of 'found' artifacts and/or goods
-And much more!
Base of operation: Most commonly found around The Shady Lady.
Guild master: Isábelle. (Though it is somewhat of a shared title)
Recruiting officers: Frederíke. (See 'Guildmaster')

Faction: Neutral - Alliance side
Type: Paramilitary & Religious group
Concept: A zealous group of Night Elf & Worgen nature worshipers fighting to defend the Balance of Nature and uphold Kaldorei traditions and values. Engage in religious rites and ceremonies, living communally in the wilds, and acting as a roving hit-and-run warband attacking what they see as threats to nature.
Base of operation: Bolyun's Camp, Ashenvale - often travelling.
Guild master: Thornroot
Recruiting officer: Thornroot, Iyadriel, Nialls
Guild-forum/website: and

The Capemoth
Faction: Alliance
Type: Pirates, criminals, explorers, adventurers and all-round ne'er-do-wells.
Concept: The crew of an ailing merchant navy vessel turned pirate ship.
Base of operation: None, as yet, besides the sea itself.
Guild master: Merilie
Recruiting officer: Merilie

The Clockwork Collective
Faction: Alliance
Type: Gnomish adventurers and mercenaries
Concept: A small group of ragtag gnomes joined together in pursuit of gold, power, fame and goblin slaying for the good of the Alliance and themselves.
Base of operations: HQ is the small house just outside Kharanos.
Guild Master: Gigwyn
Recruiting Officer(s): Ozisus, Bladry and Gigwyn

faction: alliaNce
Type: heV roleplAy onLy
Concept: orDer oF heroIC (musT be noBle ic)) knIGts adN solDirs proteCtign the reaLm of elwyn aginst preposterouS,, fouL adn disgustign erp adn othER trecherouS ragamUffins whOm seaK onl 2 defiLE thE forst aswEL as spreaD terROr amoNGst thE !@#$iNG vagaboND peasaNts thaT liV theRE
Base of operations: golDshir,, westbroOk gArisIon,, (perhAP stormwidN)
Guild master: general shikoradoRo
Recruitign officer: growthDoro, pedoRo, varIoUs offiCr ok
RecruitmenT video:
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The Everlasting Oak
Faction: Alliance
Type: Adventure, Household, Social, Criminal
Concept: A Household on Draenor looking to build its own independent small-scale society.
Base of operation: Draenor
Guild master: Vlakor
Recruiting officer: Vlakor, Fíona, Acanthia

The Esoteric Bureau
Faction: Alliance
Type: Investigation and adventure RP
Concept: The Esoteric Bureau is an independent investigation agency, specifically meant for solving and research of eldritch, odd and strange events, anomalies and entities, for a reasonable fee. Uncovering cultist plots, exploring haunted mansions and of course, recovering an ominous artifact here and there.
Base of operation: Office in Dwarven District, Stormwind.
Guild master: Thesdin
Recruiting officer: Thesdin, Tenebron, Wickland

Eye of Dalaran
Faction: Dalaran - Alliance
Type: Dalaran sub-order devoted to the ongoings of the Mageocracy. Magic-related RP
Concept: The Eye of Dalaran is a guild targetting to bring Dalaran alive. It comprises all aspects of Dalaran, from academic magi to arcane blacksmiths and the Violet Hold security force.
Base of operation: Dalaran; Violet Citadel
Guild master: Didonus
Recruiting officer: Feanarius / Nathanian

The Eldritch covenant
Faction: Alliance
Type: Scholar/adventure RP limited to warlocks and shadow priests
Concept: The Eldritch Covenant is an Alliance funded guild of warlocks and shadow-priests that have banded together to study the dark arts and venture out into the world to seek out mysterious relics of interest to the Alliance. The scholars of the Covenant also act as wardens against the threat of the Burning Legion, the Twilight Hammer and the warlocks of the the Horde as well as other sinister foes.
Base of operation: None although we are frequently found in the basement of the slaughtered lamb.
Guild master: Arlemont
Recruiting officer: Arlemont, Danielus, Railin and Sebria

Emerald Tribe
Faction: Neutral, Cenarion Circle afiliated
Type: Heavy to casual RP
Concept: Small comunity / tribe / village group with the goal of keeping the land and balance safe. Becoming more and more zealous of their misison, but peacefull.
Base of operation: Darkshore
Guild master: Asphodelia
Recruiting officer: Elogan, Viwien, Vardam, Celembor, Galendar, Nephira, Dianis, Gilou
Guild-forum/website: (beeing updated slowly)

Fizz Engineering Company
Faction: Alliance
Type: Privately owned business.
Concept: A small company focused on the development, acquisition, testing and application of new technology. There's also a side focus on adventure and scientific advancement.
Base of operation: A small building in the Commons of Ironforge.
Guild master: Fizz
Recruiting officer(s): Fizz, Benendict

The Fallen Leaf
Faction: Neutral
Type: Pandaren / interracial / monk / mercenary(ish)
Concept: The Fallen Leaf is a wandering neutral order which follows a strict code of honour and tenets that originate from pandaren philosophies and traditions. For most, the order works as a way to hone themselves as warriors and fighters, perhaps as people as well.
Base of operation: Azeroth and Outland
Guild master: Shùang (Shuang)
Recruiting officer: Shùang (Shuang, Arysa, Ârysa, Thedriwyn, Kasuga), Shenmi (Tafang, Mijjie), Daiyuh

The Gutter Runners
Faction: Alliance
Type: Petty Criminal
Concept: A gang of street kids trying to earn their daily bread through petty theft, begging and scrounging.
Base of operation: Stormwind
Guild master: Squirrel
Recruiting officer: Any of our members

Gnomish Territorial Army
Faction: Alliance
Type: Military with a fun gnomish twist.
Concept: Maintaining, Defending and Expanding the territories of the Alliance. Trying to get the gnomish race more respected as RPers on Argent Dawn (The recruitment video explains what I mean by this). Enough cupcakes and cuddles, we're not children!
Base of operation: N/A - Mobile Gnomes are the future.
Guild master: Flinkz
Recruiting officer: Flinkz, Zebbly, Oweocy, Calicus, Chazabub
Recruitment Video:

The Golden Grail
Faction: Alliance
Type: Roleplay
Concept: The streets of Stormwind are currently facing its worst threat do date. These are indeed dark times and the people of The Golden Grail are doing their best to show the right way for the people that have lost track of what is really important. This threat is, as we all know, the poor people of the middle- and lower class. Wherever you go you see them. They dress poorly, they eat cheap food and drink cheap wine, they wear sandals in broad daylight, and some even willingly spend their spare time in the fithy streets of Old Town. We wealthy people must stick together, there are far too few of us left, and together we can display the superiority of riches and guide these "things" that dwell in Stormwind.
You do not need to be noble, royalty, or have any kind of meaning to your name. We simply require that you are wealthy and that you behave and dress as such.
Base of operation: Stormwind
Guild Master: Andre Romelle
Recruitment officers: Romelle and Seleukos

Grim Dawn
Faction: Shadow Council, poses as Alliance.
Type: Villain
Concept: A group of individuals that seeks the return of the dark titan Sargeras, lead by Lord Slock. (House of Slock, when in public)
Base of operation: Desolace (Stormwind occasionally)
Guild master: Mussé (Lord Slock)
Recruiting officer: Racly, Bixphaast, Jézebel, Eard, Mussé
Guild-forum/website: TBA
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Knighthood of Anakhor
Faction: Alliance
Type: Knighthood
Concept: Apart from its usual military design, it also has an educational and a citizen sector. We fight for Light, Knowledge and Justice.
Base of operation: We never have a permament base, but this might change in WoD.
Guild master: Lord Commander Naxxarakh "Anakhor" Thattaca
Recruiting officers: Naxxarakh, Aléxandros, Themardérus, Tíghester

Kirin Tor Assault
Faction: Alliance
Type: Kirin Tor
Concept: A group of Kirin Tor, Silver Covenant and Alliance members sworn to defend Azeroth from the threats posed to it.
Base of operation: Dalaran as Headquarters, can be found across Azeroth, Outland and Draenor
Guild master: Grumpá
Recruiting officer: Siprof, Krytenn, Beledrick

Faction: Alliance
Type: City/Community RP
Concept: Kaldorei themed, but not exclusively. City, travel and storyline RP. The guild is divided into several sub-groups for the different interests: Temple (Priesthood and Temple Guardians), Druid enclave, Sentinels, Civilians, Worgen (The Howling Oak), The Adventure's Guild and The Magic Circle.
Base of operation: Darnassus
Guild master: Sereneth
Recruiting officer's: Rheese, Myadris, Senstara, Thormond, Lysenia, Eäriril

Ltd Edition Coalition
Faction: Alliance
Type: Casual raiding/social guild
Concept: We are looking for all comers to join us in a friendly, social guild (with raiding interests) for WoD. We intend to start progressing through Normal and Heroic raids as soon as possible. We value a good community that will support and help each other as a team. We are a group of mature gamers not interested in petty drama. Be nice, be kind and be friendly or BE GONE!
Guild master: Worgphetius
Recruiting officers: Kujarius, Popples, Palgradis, Docgot, Bubloseven

The Lakeshire Federation
Faction: Alliance
Type: Town-based RP
Concept: Life in the town of Lakeshire, divided into three mini-factions within the guild.
Base of operation: Lakeshire
Guild master: Petneiros/ Briarnoix
Recruiting officer: Petneiros/ Briarnoix

Lions of the Alliance
Faction: Alliance
Type: Stormwind Front Military
Concept: The FrontLions are - as the name suggests - the frontline regiment of Stormwind, those courageous men and women who are among the first to brave the dangers head on, wherever they may appear.
Base of operation: Wherever deployment is required.
Guild master: Khaz
Recruiting officer: Khaz
Guild-forum/website: To be posted.

The Loremasters
Faction: Alliance
Type: Casual/Social/Levelling/Light RP
Concept: We are a social/casual levelling & questing guild that does some light RP. We focus on pretty much all content except for PvP and current raids & heroics.
Base of operation: Wherever seems appropriate.
Guild master: Thavius
Recruiting officer: Thavius
Guild-forum/website: None yet.

The Lionblade Hold
Faction:Alliance Supportive
Type: Roleplay
Concept: A military focussed rp-guild based in Draenor with aspects of military, academic,mending and crafting roleplayers that work's as a unit in order to achieve goals such as exploring all of Draenor and what it has to offer.
Base of operation: Garrisons, Draenor
Guild master: Kyrablue
Recruiting officer: Barathius, Levanthius, Yilynna.Harakaz, Kaszaraa
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Mardenholde Accord
Faction: Argent Crusade/Ebon Blade/Cenarion Circle (blue side)
Type: Paramilitary
Concept: To seek out evil and soundly kick its backside wherever required
Base of operation: Hearthglen
Guild master: Koriandr Zhora
Recruiting officer: Fraegis

Nomads of Tureem
Faction: Alliance/Neutral
Type: Adventure Draenei Guild
Concept: A group of adventuring Draenei seeking to aid others whilst on the road, usually away from cities or civilization as a whole.
Base of operation: Travelling, so no real base.
Guild master: Azmira
Recruiting officer: Azmira/Khalani

The Onyx Association
Faction: Alliance
Type: Volunteer militia type/ working alongside the nights watch
Concept: A group of people coming together to defend the town of Darkshire, keeping the legions of Ferals, Undead and necromancers from the town, and thus protecting Elwynn Forest and the Redridge borders, Whilst also moving forth into foreign conflicts should they be requested, and the price right. However not working for the highest bidder, but whom they believe to be true hearted party. This half, known as the Onyxguard is joined by a more peaceful half, the Merchants of the Onyx Association work tirelessly to increase trade within the town, ensuring that the town is constantly stocked with the resources it needs, whilst selling any surplus resources for the betterment of the people.
Base of operation: Darkshire
Guild master: Co-lead by Lord-Commander Dalthan Northfold, and Madame Faylin Vexx
Recruiting officer: Both leaders of their respective halves, and the Knights Namely Rablyn Fairholme, Rogal Embaron, and Grey.
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Royal Pathfinders
Faction: Alliance
Type: Army recconaisance platoon.
Concept: A close-knit, highly professional and self-reliant platoon of soldiers, tasked with the ever important task of recconaisance and other covert operations. However, poorly funded by High Command and due to a tarnished reputation in the eyes of officers from the Royal War Office. The Pathfinders strive to earn back their reputation and funding so that they may stand as equals among other units within the army of the alliance.
Base of operation: Wherever deployed.
Guild master: Sergeant Daniel Solomon.
Recruiting officer: Sòlomon, Derríck and Jaysòn

Raiding Cookies
Faction: Alliance
Type: Raiding.
Concept: To raid, I guess.
Base of operation: Guild chat.
Guild master: Lynshara.
Recruiting officer: Gommié, Lynshara.
Topic on World of Warcraft Forums:

The Ravus Tribe
Faction: Alliance (OOC) Neutral (IC)
Type: RP Guild
Concept: The Ravus Tribe is the offspring of two experienced role players with a love for not only the lore in world of Warcraft but a love for history itself. The idea behind the tribe is adapting a historic Scandinavian lifestyle with real life facts, Into a fantasy environment and intertwining it with the lore that is already there.
Base of operation: Eastern Kingdoms (Nomads)
Guild master: Vidär
Recruiting officer: Njoldir

Sigil of the Seven
Faction: Alliance aligned
Type: Militaristic / Holy Order
Concept: Created by former Scarlet Crusade Renegades which surrendered to the Alliance. We have pledged our banners to the Alliance for further favor. We have been on this path for over a year, and we see our future to one day be recognized as an Alliance Organization.
Base of operation: Sigil Point Icly, Tyr's Hand Oocly
Guild master: Rhyenvek
Recruiting officer: Paergus, Avohna
Guild-forum/website: / /

SIGIL (Strategic Intelligence with Guaranteed Integrated Logistics)
Faction: Alliance
Type: RP
Concept: An independent intelligence gathering and law enforcement agency.
Base of operation: Classified.
Guild master: Grinlóck (Grint Clickspark)
Recruiting officer: Any member can recruit, Grinlóck + Co-Director can initiate.
Guild-forum/website: Private, Members find out on joining.

Stormwind Guard Force
Faction: Alliance
Type: Guard guild
Concept: A unit of guards protecting the kingdom and city of Stormwind.
Base of operation: The Command Center, located in Old Town, Stormwind City.
Guild master: Swofford
Recruiting officer: Hegil, Celiath, Lucienna, Markazt

Faction: Alliance
Type: PvE progression
Concept: We are PvE progression oriented guild with a very friendly atmosphere - our raids filled with laughter and good puns! Stormguard is a mixed crowd with different interests from PvE, RP to PvP and we are welcoming social members as well as raiders.
Base of operation: Beloved Shrine of the Two Moons
Guild master: Baes
Recruiting officer: Baes, Arudar, Taeron

Faction: Alliance
Type: Paramilitary but we also have a big civilian group
Concept: A group of Draenei who fight to protect our race, create a safe place, a home for our kin and a sence of family to those who have none.
Base of operation: The Harborage in Swamp of Sorrows at the moment (Preparations for the patch)
Guild master: Zadíi
Recruiting officer: Ryleh, Lirleena and Zarred

Silver Compass
Faction: Alliance
Type: Archaeology, adventure
Concept: A team of researchers and archaeologists going out on the field to uncover history and myth in ruins long forgotten, regardless of danger.
Base of operation: Continuously moving. When not on a job, Stormwind City.
Guild master: Hyanadil
Recruiting officer: Aracaryn, Armistan, Hyanadil
Guild-forum/website: and

Stormwind 5th Regiment of Foot (Fifth Heavy Spears)
Faction: Alliance
Type: Military (pike infantry)
Concept: A true-to-setting representation of a small detachment of the 5th Pike Regiment.
Base of operation: Varies depending on standing orders.
Guild master: Valericus
Recruiting officer: Dyrnham

Skycog Falcons
Faction: Alliance- Gnomes & Dwarfs
Type: Roleplay
Concept: The Skycog Falcons are primarily a Gnomeregan Aerobatic Display Team. A Proud Dare Devil Team, who aim to show off the might and superiority of Gnomish Aviation Ingenuity. In a combat situation the Skycog Falcons primarily use their flying skills to perform Reconnaissance Missions, and offer Air Support to the other forces of the Alliance.
Base of operation: still looking for a good home.
(mainly in and around the Ironforge area)
Guild Master: Sky-Captain Bimble Cherryblossom
Recruiting officer: Kinzy Fizzlepop

The Shadowbourne
Faction: Alliance
Type: Medium RP, PvE & PvP
Guild Concept:
Argent Dawn/Ebon Blade
Main timeline
Combined Argent & Ebon forces in Draenor to prevent a secondary Lich King
Guild running old content,Dungeons,Raiding,General questing
PvP: Arenas/Battlegrounds/World PvP
Guild master: Sknow
Recruiting officer: Ambríella

The Three Hammers
Faction: Alliance
Type: RP Community, OOC Guild to gather dwarven Role Players and create RP Content for every Dwarf
Concept: Providing and Maintaining several IC Factions like:
The Explorer's League,Ironforge Guards,Mountaineers,Gryphon Riders,Coalfoot Union (Worker and Craftsmen),54th Ironforge Defense, UniSenators,Thane and Family Clans.
Base of operation: Ironforge and Khaz Modan
Guild master: Lúnrà, Baelgerun, Khazmar
Recruiting officer: Goifur, Bilrokh, Drurir, Frostforge, Baradil, Haylie, Jurgon,
U to X

The Valdyr Kinship
Faction: It's own (Neutral).
Type: Heavy RP
Concept: We are creating our own path through the world, seperate from the Horde and the Alliance. A place to expand and become exactly what you want to become and create as much detailed and immersive roleplaying experiance we can with everything from civilian folk to guardsman.
As of now the guild has no allies or enemies and is completely neutral and we want the RP itself, created by our members, to shape how the guild develops.
Base of operation: Bael Modan, Southern Barrens.
Guild master: Safroth
Recruiting officers: Safroth & Darakien.

Walkers of the Wind
Faction: Neutral
Type: Adventurers/Travelers
Concept: The Walkers are a group of close knit travelers who travel around Azeroth, Draenor (when it does come out and it's viable, lorewise, that we can go there), and Outland! Having adventures, and forming close bonds with those we travel with! And occasionally doing some work to earn some gold.
Base of operation: Azeroth, Draenor and Outland
Guild master: Brockyfang
Recruiting officer: Phareon, Nyzath and Liræl

Faction: Alliance
Type: Community, PvE
Concept: Whitestar WoW will aim to raid in WoD when we get enough members who feel they are up for the task. But our ambition is also to create an enjoyable environment for every member we have based on our triforce Truth-Love-Joy, with funny events and old raid/dungeon content. Everything is possible in the World of Warcraft. Whitestar WoW is only a smaller branch in a much larger community that today is playing together in 7 games.
Base of operation: If I had to chose one I say the outside bar in Dalaran!
Guild master: Alakina
Recruiting officer: Nyahna, Agagor, Savian
Whitestar WoW Guild:
Whitestar Community:

Faction: Alliance
Type: PvE (future potential for Casual RP)
Concept: looking to build raiding teams for WoD 10-man to begin with, build upwards
Base of operation: N/A
Guild master: Mapheo
Recruiting officer: Mähoney

A to D

Blood Aegis
Type: A Blood Elf Relief Force - Military.
Concept: The Blood Elf community often talk about different orders that contribute to a force known as the 'Thalassian Army'. The Blood Aegis is one such order,but has broken away from the stereotypical 'front line infantry' set-up. Instead we are an order based upon the concept of providing support and military relief to the New Horde. In order to be able to cover the wide needs of Militant Aid, the Blood Aegis has four opportunities for the average job seeker. From Soldier to Special Ops to Citizen to Teacher.
Base of operation: Quel'thalas - Silvermoon City - The Halls of Respite.
Guild master: Amerane
Recruitment Officers: Tyrenas, Senneria, Halmyth, Shelarish.
Guild Website:

The Bloodstorm Clan
Faction: Horde
Type: Roleplay
Concept: A spiritual clan wandering in the lands of Arathi to protect Hordes territory and holding an watchfull eye against the Alliance.
Base of operation: Hammerfall
Guild master: Grumok
Recruiting officer: Razcokor, Krellet and Thogrek

Charlottes Familiars
Faction: Horde
Type: PvE / Raiding
Concept: A 20-man raiding guild who raid from 8PM - 11PM Realm Time on Thursday, Friday and Sunday.
Progression: We are 7/7HC Highmaul, 10/10 Blackrock Foundary Normal, 6/10HC Blackrock Foundry as of 16th of March 2015.
Guild master: Bodmass
Recruiting officer: Bodmass, Rujazan, Wingbone.
Guild-forum/website: In development.

The Crimson Clover
Faction: Horde
Type: Community-oriented / Social / Casual-Friendly PvE
Concept: TCC is a Social / Casual PvE guild with some "light RP" aspects.
We are looking for friendly folks - easygoing, but dedicated players - who would join us to slowly build up a community for a long term. Most of us are returning players after a longer hiatus, and we are meant to be a mature and friendly bunch as a community - this is our most important aim.
What can we offer?
A friendly, casual atmosphere for your leveling and/ or daily activities.
Active guild chat and VoIP - feel free to join to the converations on your own pace.
Casual Raiding in defined brackets.
Guild Events: transmog raids, dungeon runs, casual PvP.
A nice Guild Tabard, Guild Bank and other quite usual stuffs - but if you liked to grow together with a guild, this is your place.
Base of Operation: Orgrimmar, Valley of Wisdom
Guild Masters: Garganthua Ironhoof & Chitose
Recruiting Officers: Agzomar, Chitose

Faction: Horde
Type: PvE - Social Raiding / Baked goods appreciation
Concept: Life is too short to play WoW with people who aren't friendly or mature in their approach to raiding. We have a strong family feel and that is what will take us through WoD, as well as cake of course, and the amazingness of our Cakelets.
Base of operation: Anywhere there are baked goods to be eaten... Follow the crumbs...
Guild master: Tree / Pout
Recruiting officer(s): Tree / Pout / Thieacris / Haesun / Keoki

The Cult of the Raptor
Faction: Horde
Type: Troll-exclusive Roleplay
Concept: A savage Cult of trolls worshipping the Raptor Loa Kukul’kan, the Loa of Vengeance. Around since 2007.
Base of operation: Durotar, Orgrimmar, Bambala
Guild master: Jinodah. Founder of the guild: Adnaw
Recruiting officers: Tohill, Thrrekk, Senajar, Jinodah

Division Twenty Three.
Faction: Horde.
Type: Military / Law.
Concept: A blood knight division who concerns themselves with safeguarding Quel'thalas and maintaining Thalassian interests no matter where in the world it takes them. Between deployments they assist the Silvermoon City Guardians.
Base of operation: Silvermoon, but goes to every corner depending on stories.
Guild master: Garathil.
Recruiting officers: Lonial, Tirale, Temrode, Taerlin.

Faction: Horde
Type: Rp/pve
Concept: Delarium is a group of Brokers and mercnaries. Our main base of operations is Silvermoon where we smuggle illegal goods, trade information and are to be hired for any job we think is worthy for us.
Base of operation: Mainly silvermoon, but we operate about everywhere we deem necessary to.
Guild master: Arrilien (IC: Crirath)
Recruiting officer: Arrilien/Crirath
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The Frozen Paw Clan
Faction: Horde
Type: RP-PvE
Concept: A newly-formed Clan seeking restoration of honour to the races of the Horde with a structure that puts honour above glory and spirituality above brutality. A strong desire to live with the land and the people of Azeroth rather than living through exploitation is very present in the clan's mentality.
Base of operation: Orgrimmar, though nomadic in nature.
Guild master: Halthrakk
Recruiting officer: Dragà, Dramok, Chuein, Rohi, Ghorek, Reji.

The Hand of Agony
Faction: Horde
Type: Military
Concept: Formed after the Wrathgate betrayal, the Hand of Agony is a part of the Forsaken military dedicated to protecting and securing the interests of the Forsaken people. At home or abroad the Hand constantly works to bring the Forsaken cause of prominence.
Base of operation: Mobile
Guild master: Jorríck
Recruiting officer(s): Wendila, Vernot, Nagarth, Isabelle

Jadefire Cabal
Faction: Horde
Type: RP
Concept: Shadow Council-based guild, from the main timeline, accepting all Horde races for some anatagonistic RP shenanigans.
Guild master: Trokknar
Recruiting officer: Currently Trokknar, though we are seeking players willing to take on Officer duties.
I to L

Illidari Reborn
Faction: Horde
Type: Illidari RP - More on our thread.
Concept: The remnants of the Illidari seeking to avenge their fallen master, and fulfill their true purpose. To destroy the legion.
Base of operation: N/A for the time being.
Guild master: Calerius
Recruiting officer: None as of yet

The Iron Vanguard
Faction: Iron Horde
Type: Military
Concept: Built upon the foundations of the Seven Heads, the Iron Vanguard serves as a heavily Kor'kron influenced remnant, loyal to Garrosh Hellscream and the Iron Horde. Alongside their allies among the various clans and the Blackfuse Company, the unit serves as an incredibly versatile force of hardened veterans dedicated to the 'righteous' cause of the Iron Horde.
Base of operation: Gala'kron Stronghold (Garrison), Gorgrond
Guild master: Mournfang
Recruiting officer(s): Kardagh, Zug, Corinya, Grond

the Iron Vulture
Faction: Horde
Type: Sky Pirates
Concept: I did say Sky Pirates...
Base of operation: Ratchet, and everywhere else, too.
Guild moderator: Fyne
Recruiting officer: A fair few. Moody. Nazzix. Brassica. Krakow. Dexil. Fortunado. Bloat. Egregia. Feel free to contact any guild member for information.
- also

Legion of the shield
Faction: Neutral/horde
Type: Militairy/communal roleplay
Concept: A neutral-horde organisation trying to set up a force of horde people to fight the real dangers in the world and turn away from the racial wars.
Base of operation: Tyr's Hand, all around this world, and any other worlds that may pop up in the future.
Guild master: Angour (Nuliyan ICrly)
Recruiting officer: Angour and Nuliyan

Legion of Chaos
Faction: Horde
Type: Independent antagonist RP.
Concept: Malicious organisation determined to conquer the world, but also protect it from the Burning Legion.
Base of Operation: N/A. Moving.
Guild Master: Aridena (IC) Cinara (OOC)
Recruiting officer: Aridena, Cinara, Enzok, Turaela
M to P

Oath of Silver
Faction: Horde
Type: Criminal RP (Character+story driven role-play. Not event heavy)
Concept: [Oath of Silver] are a criminal themed guild running a mafia-styled business dabbling in smuggling, drugs, blood sport, power grabs and other nefarious dealings under the guise of an in-game tavern. Offering avenues of RP for a variety of shady characters and civilian types.
Community Aspects: Oath have a strong desire to help build and better the community as a whole so along with our internal guild plots we also run several community events and initiatives such as the Merchant's Last Coin tavern, the Coalition and the Silver Challenge. More information on all of these can be found on our website below.
Base of operation:Silvermoon mainly but not exclusivly.
Guild master: Theolain.
Recruiting officers: Any member.
Realm Recruitment Thread:

The Oaktotem Tribe
Type: Tribal
Concept: The theme is one of tauren value and culture. We as a tribe focus heavily on our appreciation of the Earthmother, for her bounty and for those we share it with. The tribe is built up of a hierarchy, stemming from the Chieftain, to his seers, to his tribesmen and to those whom seek to pledge themselves to the values and traditions SPECIFIC to the Oaktotem. To fully appreciate this theme we ask that members develop their character concepts closely to those almost all tauren share; although diversity and strong characters are a good and encouraged thing, we do not want people going off on tangents to misrepresent us; thus, guidance is heavily stressed.
Base of operation: Nomadic no specific location.
Guild master: Numees
Recruiting officer: Turoh
Guild-forum/website: /

Pact of the Wild
Faction: Horde (IC neutral)
Type: Primal
Concept: A pack of savages living to serve and protect nature, following primal teachings to embrace the true nature, knowing that the world is far from welcoming. Spirits, savagery and nature in a paleolithic style of roleplaying.
Base of operation: Nomadic
Guild master: Cromagnon
Recruiting officer: Cromagnon
Q to T

The Spirit Wolves
Faction: Horde
Type: Tauren Roleplay
Concept: A tribe of Tauren from all walks of life brought together under various circumstances. This means that our tribe has a variety of personalities, lead by a small council of experienced Tauren who act on behalf of the Chieftain. Community Roleplay with regular events, Spirit Wolves is the longest running Tauren roleplay guild and has been running since 2008. We never over recruit, our members being the most important aspect of our guild and keeping numbers at a functioning level - numbers have never and will never be our priority! As well as this, Spirit Wolves have their own personal tribe lore and traditions which are available only for members to help you become as immersed as possible in your roleplay. Applications are required via our website or contact one of the named members below for info!
Base of operation: Bloodhoof Village but regularly travelling according to story-lines.
Guild master: Shaylay, Istu, Seryddol (alts)
Recruiting officer: Chorwador, Eaira, Rangoor

The Seven Heads
Faction: Iron Horde
Type: Orc-heavy, but not exclusive, RP.
Concept: A group of loyalists taking to more cult-like activities when they finally rid themselves of the Sha that had plagued their ranks for a long time, still maintaining their fanatical antics.
Base of operation: Nomadic (Draenor come WoD)
Guild master: Mournfang
Recruiting officers: Mournfang, Kardagh and Diana

Selinite Monastery
Faction: Horde
Type: Religious(Forgotten Shadow)
Concept: (Un)holy monastery dedicated to the worship of the Forgotten Shadow and its saint, Natalie Seline
Base of operation: Tirisfal(Deathknell, Brill, Undercity)
Guild master: Charlotte
Recruiting officer: Ethelburga, Seraphio

The Stoneface Clan
Faction: Horde
Type: Elite Clan Warriors
Concept: An Elite trained, highly disciplined warrior wing of the Stoneface Clan. Multi-race and specializing in hard discipline, covert warfare, ambushes, recon, marine and climbing operations and wilderness survival.
Base of operation: Wherever Camped - Usually highlighted in our forum thread title
Guild master: Dhakrog
Recruiting officer: Dhakrog

Sun Thieves
Faction: Horde
Type: Heavy to casual RP
Concept: A Reliquary / light military Blood elf.
Base of operation: Eversong Woods, Goldenbough Pass
Guild master: Thalerin "the Sun Thief" Thel'ar
Recruiting officer: Thalerin, Majesta, Verionda.

Sunreaver Incursion
Faction: Horde
Type: Military
Concept: A martial group used to assist the Magisters and to project the will of Silvermoon and the Horde itself. We aim to provide a military and social experience for our members.
Base of operation: Sunfury Spire
Guild master: Daskei Bloodthorn
Recruiting officer: Dáskei
Guild-forum/website: N/A

The Third Path
Faction: Horde
Type: Mending, treasure seeking, fighting, social... Damn... Almost any type of rp out there if it has a positive light to it!
Concept: After the Horde's rebellion and Vol'jin taking the title of Warchief, the tentions between races didn't go away.
Instead of just shouting on the streets about the common enemies and how we must hold hands and be happy together, The Third Path seeks similarities in the cultures of all the Horde races together, to unite under them and make the Horde stronger.
The strongest similarity that we focus on is mending. Healing the wounded is a part of any Horde's religion in one way or another. We learn from each other, hoping that the combined knowledge of so many would show the potential strength in unity and be a guiding light to others.
Base of operation: Anywhere where Horde is in a need of help. The members of the Path are not bound to follow one another, so we can be found in many places at once.
Guild master: Bakary and Renjaja
Recruiting officer: Mokal, Dunjai
Guild website:
U to X

Faction: Horde
Type: Progressive raiding
Concept: Virtue is a Horde PvE guild located on Argent-Dawn server EU and was created by a small group of like-minded people on Christmas day 2014. Our goal is to create a small but very competent and focused group of people that can get together and tackle the most challenging PvE content the game has to offer, while enjoying themselves and having a laugh on the way.
We don't care about ilvls or simdps, we care about having people who share our vision and goals, and are willing to put in the effort it takes to eventually get there.
Guild master: Zarchasm
Recruiting officers: Decaxe, Krystahl, Krytsal, Icý

The Wings of The Fallen
type: Guardians
Concept: we are a company of lost souls who after having our lives destroyed or losing our loved ones and meaning to life have vowed to protect and guard the lives of everyone Horde and Allaince. "we hold the sword for those who cannot"
Base of Operation: Silvermoon
Guild Master: Alastrias
Recruiting Officer: Alastrias, Arlak, Bitterplant

Zul Atal Alarion
Faction: Horde
Type: Horde-Troll Military unit
Concept: A group of devoted Darkspear, Revantusk and Shatterspear trolls, willing to give their life to protect the Horde and it's troll tribes. We have two branches - military and civilian. More information can be found from our website!
Base of operation: Durotar
Guild master: Jenzoo and co-leader Totoam (Jen'zoo, Totoa'm)
Recruiting officer: Riiviö (Jen'zuli)
Guild-forum/website: and

Zul Guede
Faction: Horde/Neutral
Type: Role-play
Concept: The Cult of Samdi is a society that places Loa above everything else and Loa of the Dead takes the first place in their pantheon of Loa. Bwonsamdi, Samedi or Mueh’zala is the keeper of the sleep, cemeteries and the dead. It is his will to take spirits with him or leave them walking with the living. And those who does not respect him will face his judgement… as ends comes to us all.
Guild master: Zulluji
Recruiting officer: Zulluji

The Zulian Legacy
Faction: Horde
Type: Roleplay
Concept: The Zulian Legacy is composed of trolls following an ideal: To protect troll culture and never forget their ways in the face of an ever changing world. Members believe the most cunning is the one who adapts. In doing so preserving their culture without falling into blind zealotry. They embrace the extended family the horde represents. Though the bulk of its members are Darkspear, they accept all sorts of trolls (from the headhunter to the priest, from the warrior to the fisherman) from all tribes of the Horde (Darkspear, Revantusk and Shatterspear)
"In an ever changin world, only da cunnin survive."
Base of operation: Nomadic, but stay often at the Echo Isles.
Guild masters: Nazkajin and Zulzi
Recruiting officers: Nazkajin, Zulzi, Tanshi
Guild name: Mardenholde Accord
Faction: Argent Crusade/Ebon Blade/Cenarion Circle (blue side)
Type: Paramilitary
Concept: To seek out evil and soundly kick its backside wherever required
Base of operation: Hearthglen
Guild master: Koriandr Zhora
Recruiting officer: Andrigo
Guild name: Blackstone Bootleggers
Faction: Alliance/Neutral
Type: Crime (Smuggling/Trade)
Concept: A group of rogues and rebels who smuggle contraband around the Eastern Kingdoms.
Base of operation: Stormwind - Shady Lady/Slaughtered Lamb
Guild master: Chucker
Recruiting officer: Chucker
Guild name: The Gutter Runners
Faction: Alliance
Type: Petty Criminal
Concept: A gang of street kids trying to earn their daily bread through petty theft, begging and scrounging.
Base of operation: Stormwind
Guild master: Squirrel
Recruiting officer: Any of our members
You put us on Horde! *shakes fist* Ain't a bleedin' orc me.
Guild name: Goblet of War
Faction: Alliance
Type: Personal military unit.
Concept: Small unit protecting southern borders of the Alliance in Eastern Kingdoms and trying to make profit by selling resources.
Base of operation: Everything south from Burning Steppes in Eastern Kingdoms. (Suitable houses for gathering, keeps, towers and camps.)
Guild master: Attekosonen
Recruiting officer: Illitharius, Dýnald and Genevia.

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