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Moonglade / Steamwheedle Cartel / The Sha'tar
The Professor is gone, and his resources have fallen to me. We are the order of the Night Gryphon, sworn to defend the Alliance by any means neccesary. Not all evil stands in the open, and not all blades need to be seen before they strike. Holding ties to SI:7, we will find where we are most needed and bring swift justice to those who wrong our people. By gathering specialists in every field possible, we will make ourselves ready for any eventuality. Seek out Knight Dalathar Locke if you have the will.


Who are we:

The Night Gryphon is the updated form of the Violet Shroud, for IC reasons we have changed name. The concept is still similar to my idea for the Violet Shroud, I want a place where everybody's character is an important part of the guild and we can all develop together.
A few weeks after joining, characters will be given tasks best befitting their talents, if we come across a situation where their specialties are the best solution, good use will be made of those specialties.
Events often revolve around trying to solve a problem efficiently, and may involve some kind of mystery to solve, some missions may be done off the books, the Alliance need not know every task done to keep it safe.

How to Join:

Contact Dalathar or Cynndia in-game via mail or whisper, despite the connection, If you are on Sha'tar or Moonglade, you may still need to add "-SteamwheedleCartel" after either name to be able to add as a friend or send mail.
Our meetings and events are currently every Friday at 20:00 server time, and social, or often travel RP on Wednesdays at the same time.
Any class or race is welcome, as we stand for the Alliance as a whole, and many different walks of life will better help us be ready for anything. Every recruit will be interviewed and given a position befitting their skills and merits.
My hope is to fill the guild with a verity of characters who can grow together and form bonds of trust and companionship, without growing overwhelming in number.
Small update: It's probably easiest to get in touch with me through in-game mail, while I'm always around, I'm not neccearily online in-game.
Also, for those who seek to join while we're out on one adventure or another, we can always find a way to add your character into the current plot as a different way of joining than just meeting up to chat :)

Recruitment status is currently: Limited - I'm slowing recruitment for now, we're quite crowded at events right now, I'll open up more when things slow down a bit :)
Additional Info:

Although we'll always be open to most, I would ask that anybody wishing to join have an understanding of the current story and lore of Warcraft, and also a willingness to have fun and enjoy the world as a whole. While there's no level requirement right now, keep in mind that the guild will likely end up travelling all around the world, so being higher level would make it easier to RP anywhere.

Thanks for reading, and be good to eachother.
This does seem interesting, and the Alliance needs a kick to wake up. Best of luck!
Provided this gets off the ground, I'd be happy to commit the CoE to some Cross-faction RP. Good luck to you, it sounds like a solid concept and the Alliance desperately needs a push.
Thanks for the replies, guys :)
Still thinking of ideas, but I'll see how many old Alliance players I know who might want to come back
I've changed the opening post, I've decided to make next Friday the day to start my guild IC, Friday, October 24th at 20:30 Server time at the SI:7 Headquaters in Stormwind, I hope to see you there, yes, you specificly.
Will try and pop along to meet you all. Good luck with the drive! Oh and each member you recruit you win a free drink at the Everstill Arms in Lakeshire ;-)
This is mighty interesting!
The first guild meeting went pretty well!
I've re-made the original post to be a more current recruitment thread.
Best of luck, Dalathar. Alliance needs more of a presence on this realm.
This guild looks really interesting! I might come take a look.
I just moved over my 11 90s Ill have a look!~
First event went rather well. It was a shame that Dalathar got sick, but we caught the guy and turned him in, and so the task for the next event is to investigate the docks, learn what Cynndia has found and discover the source of the potions.

Looking forward to next week!
Bump! The guild's first plot is going nicely, what with crazy alchemists and their potions.
Me and a friend recently moved our mages to Moonglade from Argent Dawn. He roleplays a highborn magus and I roleplay his student on a young kaldorei apprentice. I like your guild concept and would love to meet you guys in game! My friend and I both take lore very seriously. We have many years of roleplay experience and love reading the novels!

Of course everyone is very busy with WoD now, but I hope in time to get the know the guild!
I'd love to meet you both in-game, feel free to contact me by mail or whisper anytime.
Hopefuly when the game works better after this shaky expansion launch :)
The Violet Shroud has recently captured a prisoner who escaped from Dalaran and returned her to her cell. A warning to all, beware travellers with withered hands.
I've done some minor edits to my main recruitment post, like fixing typos.
A warning to all, beware travellers with withered hands.

We had a surprise visit/attack form those Withered Hands people in the Alliance Garrison recently.
I second Dalathars warning to beware of them.

... Now, how do you clean silk robes of cultist... remains?
Thanks for joining our event on Sunday. Always fun hanging out with the Shroud!

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