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I try to log in, get to the loading screen, stucks at 90% and says character not found.
Same here. Servers are a complete mess lately.

Stormrage again. Problems that lasted all weekend finally fixed and now this mess.
i have the same problem..got it after i tried to enter a dungeon from random dungeon finder
Same here, Shadowsong. Guildies say that my character is still online, login screen doesn't show its location.
here we go again, same problems as last week........guess too many try to log on
I'm in the game now, but only trade will connect, i cant see players, portals buffs stuck at 0 seconds left etc.
Took me about 5 tries to get in but I was also getting this on Stormscale
Same here... again
It looks like this is new Blizz server crowd control...
I was waiting 30min for LFR when raid was loading it stucked at 90%... now I have Dungeon Deserter so 30min out of queue... then again 30min queue and... dc...

I woulnd't be mad if it the game was for free...
still "character not found"
I just tryed to create a post about this issue too, and can't even do that.
Same problem with Borean Tundra, started right this moment as I am going through my alts gardening.
Same error, but sometimes after a few tries it logs in and I can play untill i enter a new raid instance or portal...
Well, can't log 2 characters either. No raiding for me it seems, so has blizz deciced
same, stuck at 90% than character not found
Getting this with several characters...again. I have to stand still in a single location 'cause I'm afraid of getting these errors everytime I zone somewhere else.

These errors belong to a beta, not an official patch.
also tried it on an alt same happened gonna try another server
fix this BS Pls, fuc**** hell.
finally log in, die and get stuck at 100% loading again.

I must say these servers are dealing extremely well with this new patch, i am really surprised how well they have handled it.

played since TBC and cant remember the pre patch as bad as this even with the whole placed crawling with zombies i could still log in the game
Auchindoun -

Cant log Horde or Alliance characters!

Update:- Cant log any character from ANY realm

UPDATE - All ok again can log my main .. pheew
Great dropping in the middle of a raid ... now can't get back .... sigh

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