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Still can't get in to my shammy and now i can't get into any of my characters, come on blizz if you keep doing this and screwing with your customers eventually you'll start loosing subscribers again, do things right! PLEASE I IMPLORE YOU!
Obviously a capacity problem.
And there we go. My raid is now ruined. Thanks to this, I got kicked out since it seems they didn't wanna wait for me.

This is very frustrating...
Well this has been going on for days now and still no change - well done Blizzard *slow hand clap* once again just a massive well done to you from all the fans who pay your subsription fee (that has now been increased I might add)
Third evening this week I can't log in on Magtheridon!

Get your act together Blizzard! This is getting ridiculous!
10 years of experience and we face same problems as we did in vanilla...
You think after Maintenance this would have been fixed by now pff.

Just add me to the list as well.

For me its either 90% or 100% Load then DC then Character in middle of nothingness.
Ten years and Blizzard still can't make proper servers.
Getting annoying, but several times again tonight.
I hope that last fix you have planned will solve this problem.
Blizzard seriously....GET YOUR !@#$ TOGHETER!!!! "spelling"
i wonder what you idiots are doing with all the money you get from us playing this unplayable game???!!!! Company party 24/7?
Getting beyond a joke now !!!!!
Also having the same problem.
Got in, was playing ok, till I hit a load screen... booted once more, "Character not found" once more. Meanwhole my bf is playing happily, and crossing loadscreens without a problem, this is beyond frustrating :-P Must be account-based, going on what I'm seeing, and I'd like mine to be fixed, please!
Please sort this out. i want free gametime since the patch has been released added to my account thanks
still nothing again arhghghg screw this Iam not playing anymore till WOD goes live mabye then all this crap will get friggen fixed!
Ok blizzankers, to my reckoning I have lost 2 days gameplay due to this continued problem, are you going to give them back to?

All my chars had better be available when I log in tomorrow because the service you are providing is utterly terrible.
yeah even support tickets are no use or help anymore I had one ticket that told me I'd have to wait 7 days before I got a reply at that I deleted the ticket and gave up ¬.¬
Logged on to toon not played on for 5 years and ok now
Sorry about this last night everyone, we experienced an issue which prevented some players from being able to access their characters, however this has since been resolved.

If you do continue to experience connectivity issues which started after patch 6.0.2, please see our sticky:

Thank you.

Let me know how I'm doing!

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