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Can you just reboot your damn servers again and fix this trash ?
Dunemaul-Øzzÿ Dunemaul-Kubiy The Jade Forest
World Server Is Down!!!
yall can be happy ure even able to start WoW up atm.....
No improvements here !!! Still cant play.
Your restart of the servers did not help one tiny bit, it's still a problem and I was logged out for about two hours before trying again - no changes to the problem. Been getting DC'es all over Pandaria aswell as instances and so on, it's not related to instances but your servers. Stop asking for more info, you have what it takes, everything except competence. 7million users paying a increasing amount of money each month, and you still can't fix the servers to an acceptable level.
azeroth bound forever... let's not go to pandaria...tis a silly place
Yup, stormscale is stormFAIL again. Getting randomly stuck at portalling to bgs or just random DC with no message.
It's OK guys, just clear your WTF and Cache folders and everything will be fixed.

/sarcasm off
Ravencrest - 2 chars alliance - I have been in pandaria, outland and elsewhere, no dc.
Portal from SW to Pandaland. Stuck at 100% and suddenly there starts a cinematic soundtack on the background(coulnt make up which one).

Not necessarily "World Server Down" but definitely a character connection issue: Entering Instances/Raids.

I assume that Instances/World areas share different servers, because I was having no trouble remaining at Shrine / Dalaran, but the moment I tried to enter Ulduar, I was once again stuck at loading screen with no hope but to quit the game and log to an alt.

Seeing as this recent update requires information, here:

Server: The Venture Co
Character Affected: Adresia
Instance: Ulduar
Timestamp: 5:58pm - 6:19pm and counting

Currently going to wait an hour before attempting to log again, otherwise I will have to poke a GM through ticket to portal my shaman back to Shrine.
Getting booted from the game to character selection screen. Happens in many locations including eastern kingdoms and pandaria, haven't been much to other places so I wouldn't know about them. Thinking it happens everywhere though. Cross-realm zoning might help questing together with randoms or a friend at lower levels but otherwise it is just bringing in problems.

Grim Batol

Happens in:
Eastern Kingdoms (SW and STV at least)
Pandaria (Vale of Eternal Blossoms, probably affects all of Pandaria)

Game was and is still unplayable since about 13:00 GMT+2
On Ravencrest

Got "Transfer aborted" when I tried to enter SotA.
some problems were previous days... byt since today morning scheduled maitenance I am getting "World Server Down" every 1-5 minutes!
why there is no reply from blizz? why do we pay you? i keep getting disconnected and it is getting more annoying each time. Like every1 here i am cosidering to give up WOW again. Your attitude is even worse then server stability.
Still having problems with Midlertidig on Silvermoon in the Shrine of Seven Stars.
For some reason, when I tried to summon Blingtron 4000 nothing happened but it still triggered the cooldown -_-
Also, my battle pet team seems to have been removed, and the pets that were in my secondary action bar now appear as red question marks and I can't summon them >_<
Shadowsong, valley of the four winds.
No Dc's but latency 102ms normal for me is 24 to 25ms.
Better than it was for sure so your nailing it down slow but sure. Keep at it and thanks for your effort encoders.


05/11/2014 17:14Posted by Lanabee
I got stuck at 0% at loading screen when trying to queue to random BG. A bit later I tried again and got into battle. But now I got stuck to 0% on loading screen again. Defias Brotherhood and these happened after server restart.

Quoting my earlier message. I've gotten stuck at 0% in every other BG and every other I have gotten in. Might very well be just a coincidence, but anyway the getting in rate is not very high :)

edit: Ok, now I got stuck at 0% twice in a row. Stuck at %0 is now winning against getting into BG.

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