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What seems to work for me is the following:

Inside the World of Warcraft installation directory delete the following:
- Cache directory
- WTF\Account\<accountname>\cache.md5 file

and then start WoW or launcher again.
The saga continues, just had a weird one, went to do "Ordos" with big group, was summonned, couldn't see any npc or raid member, although got the achiev ;) and when the group broke up (down to 5 peeps) i started to see some npc and a dead Ordos ???????
............ same thing everyday "Character not found!!!!"
Seems to be a problem for me too - was coming out of Ulduar when my Lvl90 rogue just stopped loading. I hard crashed out the game, reloaded and right now he doesnt have a location.

I cannot access any one of my other characters, all of them load at the 90% marker and stop.

Been a subscriber since 2006 so really hope I get my toons back!
Got the same issue on all my char's on Turalyon. decided to swap characters, 90% then 'not found' this is on all, and I was in about 10 mins ago.
Character not found :( Feeling lonely
Yeah, uhm, bump. All characters are "not found".
exactly the same, character not found on all servers
Can't log in aswell :((( halp!
Got it myself now - Mainly Turalyon - but others as well.
Character not found on Tarren Mill.
Getting character not found message on all characters and realms from 10 minutes ago when zoning out of arena (having lost!). Deleted the following:
- Cache directory
- WTF\Account\<accountname>\cache.md5 file

Was then able to open some characters on different realms, but my main character - message is "character already exists", which is a change from Character not found.

Now the game simply freezes at 90%.

Guess I will give up for a while, but some attention from Blizz would be appreciated.
Same issues as stated above by others. Realm: Alonsus.

Character loading screen stuck at 90%.

Force-quitting all and WoW related processes seemed to allow me to log back in to one character but swapping to another resulted in getting stuck on 90% loading screen again.

Calling it a night and hoping for a fix soon; these issues are starting to get more than just mildly irritating. Looking forward to a change.
Same issue on Ghostlands and The Maelstrom
So this hotfix made me unable to log onto any of my characters on different realms. Guess we'll wait for a hotfix for the hotfix?
Wasn't the hotifx, this has been ongoing for a while now.

Got the "Character not found" problem about 45 minutes ago. I was in Siege of Orgrimmar and then got disconnected. When I tried going back in, the loading bar stopped at 90% for a while before the message appeared.
I tried loggin in with all of my other character and the problem persisted. I then went and deleted the Cache folder... but it is still happening.

I am on the Spanish server Tyrande.
I'm experiencing this with all my characters on Auchindoun and Karazhan.
Same problem here and tried all the solutions. Server is Saurfang.
Same problem here, getting to 90% of the loading screen, then it just freezes or say character not found on all my chars. Quel'Thalas EU here.

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