[A] <Awakened> Social Raiding Guild (2/8 M 7/8 HC)

Blade's Edge / Eonar / Vek'nilash
Hey there.
Let me tell you our history.

Awakened is a long standing guild currently living on the connected realms of Vek'nilash, Blade's Edge and Eonar.
We are an Alliance guild, first created in 2009 on Chamber of Aspects, where we started out as a 10-man focused social raiding guild.
Our aim was to create a guild where we could raid in a relaxed and fun environment while still challenging ourselves to clear current content. We still have that goal today.
There is never a dull moment in the guild as there's always something going on. In previous expansions we've been busy clearing content, completing achievements awarding fancy titles and mounts, and we don't intend to stop now!
We are very active on TeamSpeak (although our humour may be a little dark!), and you can always find a group for Mythic + dungeons, playing other games together or just chilling with friends. We have also hosted five successful guild meet ups, and plan to continue these in the years to come!

When you join Awakened, you are not just joining a guild, you become part of our family.
It's not often we have people leave our guild, and even when members have stopped playing due to other commitments they still pop onto TS to catch up and play with friends. When you join Awakened, you gain friends for life.

Our progress currently is:

2/8 Uldir Mythic
7/8 Uldir Heroic
8/8 Uldir Normal

2/11 Antorus Mythic
11/11 Antorus Heroic
11/11 Antorus Normal

We raid on a calendar sign-up basis. Our raid days are Thursday, Sunday and Mondays. Our raid times are 20:15 - 23:00 realm time.
We start out invites at 20:15 and first pull is at 20:30. Getting here early is a great chance to catch up with everyone and get some pre-raid nerves sorted!

We are recruiting for:

Ranged DPS: OPEN
Tanks: Closed (potentially open for the right person)
Healers: Closed (potentially open for the right person)

Even if your class or specialisation is not listed above we are always willing to accept skilled players!

We also put great value on the social aspect of the game, so if you're not one for raiding, or just want somewhere to be able to relax while you play, you'd be most welcome here.

And there we have it.
If <Awakened> sounds like the place you want to be, feel free to get in touch with me ((BTag - Zingzilla#2945), our recruitment officer Sage (BTag Sage#1124) or find our GM and other officers in-game for a chat!
You can also pop over to our website awakevek.enjin.com for more information or to apply on there!

Hope to see you in-game soon!
Just downed Mythic Garrosh! Great job everyone! Excellent kill.
On that note - we are having a break from our raiding schedule until WoD.
We are, of course, still looking for those few extra peeps to fill in our team, and social members are always welcome too!
Hi , are u guys interested in a warrior DPS? i have around 6 years raid exp all at a decent level and i have a warrior im going to restore on eonar in 4 days time so im searching for a guild with high aims for warlords
add my Btag if u want a chat phased#2470
Currently recruiting for back-ups. We have spaces at the moment for exceptional players, but what we really need are people who don't mind being back-up raiders for when our main team can't make it.
You still get all the fantastic benefits of being with <Awakened>, just not joining us every raid night.
We got that HC Imperator kill at last! A great raid night all in all. GJ everyone.
Looking for a few more players to fill out our Mythic roster. We have the space, so now is your time to put yourself out there and give us a poke!
First week in BRF and we've downed three bosses! Woo! Go teammm.
Looking for a healer to round out the roster.
In a very fun fight we downed Operator Thogar! GJ avoiding those trains everyone!

Desperately need that healer though, any takers?
Iron Maidens went down, helped us a lot when we realised we'd been prioritising the wrong maiden after 20%! Heh, that now puts us on 8/10HC, and we have a good night of BF practice coming up!
We're open for recruitment again. Looking for ranged DPS players, open to players with either tank or healer off specs too.
Recruiting for healers! Where do you healers hide these days?
Heya there,

I'm looking to raid on my druid, but im abit behind gearwise compared to most - I have a good past history raiding hc's been primarily a healer for 6 years now. so used to being on time, potioned up to the eyeballs and ready to rock on raid night. Also kheela used to raid with me back in dragonsoul so she can hopefully vouch for me.

I also have a Holy paladin healer if needed with a decent geared tank offspec.

Would be happy to chat in game if you would like to know more about me.
Hello Preóley,

Thanks for your post if you could follow the link and create an account with enjin and drop us an app that would be great.

Also as Zingzilla suggested if you add any of the officers to your friend list you can catch us in game or we may catch you.

Website link http://awakevek.enjin.com/

Also 10/10 HC roll on Mythic!

Jay / Ath
Well we stormed the gates of Hellfire Citadel Heroic on Thursday and in two raid night we are now on a hearty 5/13 bosses down!
Excellent work everyone. The new encounters have been very fun, and as always we have invented our own Awakened tactics to get us through.

However, we did lose a few raiders due to RL, so we are opening our recruitment again for DPS. Give us a poke if you're interested!
Gorefiend down! Was an interesting fight, and our kill was really clean.
Looking for a mage or two for the team.
And Tyrant Velhari is down too! Recruiting a couple of DPS.
Good news everyone!
Our recruitment is wide open!
We're looking for RANGED DPS classes!

We need hunters, we need mages, we need warlocks and shadow priests and balance druids!
Even on the lookout for a cheeky rogue.

If you're looking to get back into the raiding scene in a fun, friendly and engaging environment that still manages to get progression, then hit us up!
Got our Mannoroth kill on our second attempt tonight! Good job everyone!
Still recruiting a few more for the team.
Update on recruitment!

We are now in the lookout for some melee and ranged dps!

Melee: Paladin, rogue.

Ranged: Warlock, Boomkin, Shadow priest, Hunter.

Leave an application at Awakevek.enjin.com !

You can also have a chat with me on Shanab#2598

Possible mythic recruitment opening!!

If you are looking for a casual social guild that raids hc hfc and is looking to go into mythic soon, then you've found the right guild!

We have a fun social atmosphere and are always in the lookout for more people to add to our roster!

We are currently open for Dps spots (melee: rogue/pally) (ranged: warlock/druid/spriest)!

If your class isn't listed on here, doesn't matter! We're always open for anything!

If you're interested apply at Awakevek.enjin.com

You can also have a chat with me at Shanab#2598

Read more about us up top in our main post by Zingzilla ^

Looking forward to reading your applications!

Mythic update!!

Now recruiting for mythic and hopefully starting after the New Year's holidays!

Looking for all DPS. Also looking for a healer and a healer that can offspec to dps!

You can apply at awakevek.enjin.com

You can also have a chat with me if your'e interested at Shanab#2598

Officer at Awakened

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