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I stuck at Shrine of the Two Moons , Realm;Ghostland EU
Was doing a pet battles on Alonsus, and suddenly I couldn't start any more pet battles so i thought relogging would help, but I couldn't get back in the game. This started about 2 hours ago. Now I can't play on any of my characters.
Magtheridon-Hearthstoned from Ahn-Qjirag. All chars

Stuck in limbo
Stormscale Horde - Cannot log in to either of my characters - stuck on 90 %.
this is a joke now i still cannot sign in
Doomhammer ... trying to log in to chars in Orgrimmar
I was trying to walk out of SOO. Got stuck at 100%. After that all my chars got stuck at 90% no matter which server I tried.
Thx blizzard for making me miss the raid GG WP tired of this game :/(((((((((((((((((((((
I got frozen on loading screen after leaving one LFR to join another with my lvl 90 shaman on Ravencrest, and after that I haven't been able to log into any character for the past half hour.
Ravencrest - Can't log any characters, my main dc'd inside SoO 30 mins ago.

Can't log any other server either
That was what I was doing when it went to crap - sorry reply to earlier post - adding items to toy box
I was in game, in Stormwind, when I'd logged out for changing character. (I was in queue for Upper Blackrock Spire). After the log out, I couldn't enter the world with neither of my characters.

Palapeno - Ragnaros
Entering Firelands raid on Hellfire with a friend from Magtheridon got DC'd and haven't been able to log on since. Same problem as everyone else. 90% on loading and get disconnected.
My mini-report:

WHO: Stuck less than a hour ago on character Deadrood, warlock, Bladefist-EU.

WHERE: I was in a group with friend + instance group (LFG in Temple of the Jade Serpent). After clicking [Leave instance group], I got a loading screen which got stuck at legendary 80% or 90%. I will call it 85% to be unique.

1) I got tired of waiting, Alt-F4 close WoW app and restart it regularly - problem persisted.
2) Cleared Cache folder, problem persisted.
3) Tried logging different characters, different realms and finally ***DIFFERENT ACCOUNT*** (my trial one). Problem persisted.
4) Restarted comp, problem persisted.
5) Tried to bypass BNET application and ran wow-64.exe directly. Problem persisted.
6) Cleared cashe+WTF+interface folder. Problem persisted (on various chars).
7) Tried ipconfig /release and /renew as some ppl suggested, didn't help either.
8) Break (20 min or longer) didn't help.

The game loads to 85%. Then music stops playing and I hear ambient sounds from the location character is in. But no change in graphics. After 1 min or sth like that, it times out and says that I was disconnected from the server.
American Psycho by Brett Ellis is a pretty damn good book
Bladefist and Zenedar (technically one merged server)

All characters

Funny how this affects me but not my girlfriend on the same server and behind the same internet connection. I'm running Windows 8.1, shes running Windows 7.

Already cleared out all User preferences using the bnet launcher. Did a DNS cache flush as well as rebooted my computer.

Gonna walk the dog and see how it goes after that. Will update this post when im back :)
Draenor EU. All characters on the account, but started with Verhath when I died in Blackwing Descent on last boss. It started happening earlier (as well when I died > loading screen), but I could still get back in. After that death in BWD I can't get back in. Been like this for almost an hour now
I was trying to relog to change addons - after that i can't log in on any character, doesn't matter it's in Stormwind, Dalaran or everywhere else. Shadowsong and Anachronos seems to be affected.
Seems absolutely same issue with NOT just few players .... we want info updates plz ! :X

How come you allways have issues when a patch comes? prepare better please....

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