Retrieving character list error

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Keep getting stuck in retrieving character list. Followed by an error.
Yep. Me too.
After numerous times I got in but now I'm stuck in the loading screen followed by Character not found.
Server is crashing atm...
If you have this issue and you wish to retry getting your chars to load, do NOT press the back button when it gave the error, but click the Change Realm button, and double click on the realm you're on - It will retry to get the chars , without disconnecting you.
me too.
Me too error Character list :(
i finally got out of the error retrieving caracter list and BAM 2500 queue, i wanted to laugh but i lost my sense of humor 2 hours ago now i just cry
Same, please sort it ASAP. Thanks
Ok my sense of humor is back........2500 queue passed in 5 min then 5 times error retrieving caracter list then another 3000 queue i just couldnt do anything but start laughing .
I guess its a nervous brakedown:O
same issue here in the last 24 hours on Kazzak....

haven't even got the chance to see Draenor yet :(
few servers down including draenor any updates about this?

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