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Same here. Booted on loading screen. When logging back in: stuck at 90%.

Realm: Terenas
When did it happen: Using Death Portal from Shrine.
Thank you for another wonderful Sunday evening experience, Blizzard.
Arathor: Was fine up until just now. Hearthstoned from Uldum to Shrine of Seven Stars, now I can't log on any character on the server, on both my accounts. "Character not found"

And apparently I cannot log into any characters on any server on either account now. Also struggling to swap servers, stuck at "Logging in to game server" a lot.
Same problem...
Was leaving AV battleground, and the loading screen stopped, and got disconnected.
Now I can't login with any chars at Ravencrest (Horde).
Went into proving grounds, stuck at 90%.

Can't log in on any other character either.

"Character not found"
To be honest, I don't think it matters where we were and where we were headed when we faced the loading screens, since it's always the same for a wide range of people across realms in many different areas.
yeah, here we go again.
got the 90% snafu as i went into TotFW & now "character not found" after choosing the character i can see right in front on the loading screen.
come on, this was meant to be fixed already - is there an achievement for managing to avoid a dc on a sunday now?

TL:DR - i got the same as all above.
Same problem. Heartstoned to Shrine of two moons, now i can't login into any character.
Same issue for me, so far for all my characters on Hellfire realm. I was porting to Shrine of the seven stars from silvermoon and ended up not getitng there. Cannot log onto any other char either. I thought this issue was resolved a few days ago?
Same issue. Happened after raid finished and I went to log to a different character.
And its back .... *sigh* again
Realm: Draenor
Place: Siege of Ogrimmar
Got stuck when entering the Maelstrom, on my way to Deepholm
Ravencrest - same issue
Have the same issues as everyone else.. Iam on Shattered Hand and got the issue when i was trying to log on my dk who's in Orgrimmar.. the rest of my chars are in either timeless isle or shrine of the two moons
02/11/2014 14:14Posted by Lurdlespor

Thanks for letting us know, can I please ask which realms you're on?

Please also let us know where your characters were when this happened, so we can investigate.

Thanks in advance.

Let me know how I'm doing!

Just entered Firelands on this char. Aszune Server.
Now I cant enter the game on any char on any server.

Gets stuck on 90-95% for a while then "Character not found" pops up and I get thrown back to character menu.
I love how quickly this is addressed. Almost 10 hours, nothing done at all, just "Acknowledging" the issue

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