Daily quests removed from log? Really?

There I was, doing some arch in Krazarang Wilds when I spotted the Shieldwall NPCs offering some dailies and I thought to myself: why not?

So I took a few and checked the quartermaster and saw they had some items I could buy for more quests, so I picked one, the one for [Beastmaster's Hunt: The Crane]. And there I was, quickly finishing those daylies.... except for said quest which it turns out has a very lousy drop rate (kind of weird all those cranes not having feathers). So, I spent about 1 hour farming those 5 feathers (was about to give up after 20 minutes when, unfortunately, one feather dropped), and I was about to click that dirt-like spot to deliver said quest when the question mark disappears and I see half-a-dozen messages of "quest XXX was removed"....

Really? After 10 years of WoW, that's the best you guys can come up with? Removing completed quests from a player's log? This is probably the dumbest thing I've seen you do so far, and I've been around and seen a lot of dumb things...

Seriously, I expected 1.000 times better than this from you guys... Very disappointed...
i agree with u, i think the blizzard developers of wow have gone to work someotherwhere, the guys that work in blizzard now are just kids compared with them, i remember many years ago where was a software house that was pride to release products just "when they are ready" and never even 1 second before, id like to know where have gone that software house because i was very happy to buy their products :S:S

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