Cannot Load Character List - 04/11

Technical Support
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Can't get onto any of my characters.

Normally pretty patient with this stuff, but this one is a bit of a joke.

Had to abandon running Garrosh HC with friends three times now this week because none of us could get on to play. Now it looks like we're missing out before the reset. Sort it out, Blizzard.
It's all over. We're all doomed. We will never play again.
Got this on Dunemaul now
Just resubbed after a year's absence in anticipation of WoD and can't login to any character on Silvermoon or Draenor :(
Same on Darksorrow, stuck loading totc25.
Can't logg in on Lightbringer, "character not found".
This crap has been going on for 2½ hour now, really?
Badum tsss....
I got dc at 13:10.. since 8,5 hr.. and cant play.
Grim Batol
Shattered Halls

All characters are "not found"
Literally managed to get about an hour of play time today, didn't even finish my dailies. Not been able to play since then. I'm not usually one to complain but wow... coming back to check every hour or so and seeing that I still can't log in is a joke.
Issue resolved itself for an hour or so for me. Then the problem restarted just now... hoooray.

Instead of character not found I;m just getting a disconnect now.

Well at least we are not paying to not be able to log in...

Oh wait.. we are.
Having it now....A really big pain in the a$$....
deleted cache and wtf/account but still this s***!!! So annoying
Boulderfist is down too
I guess we gonna get some kind of refund for this.
Finally I solved this problem using a method someone at the forum mentioned. I installed the ptr and could succesfully log in there. After that I was able to log in to the live realm again on any char
and here i was, hoping, that these kind of problems would be fixed when i would start playing again ...

i can understand that there are problems with connection and what not, but the amound of info (real info) we get is the same as with the railroad company here in belgium: nobody is saying what the problem really is.
I can't log into my character in realm: Azjol-Nerub or Darkspear on any accounts.... How can i fix the problem? it's come that my ''Character is not found''
Cant login to any of my chars either... -.-

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