Cannot Load Character List - 04/11

Technical Support
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Aaand lets add Stormrage to the mix...
Add Frostwhisper. I can't login.
Got the error too on Auchindoun, Outland and Silvermoon. Managed to log in on auchindoun now, could be fixed :)
stuck on 90% loading>character not found

Silvermoon eu

all my chars affected on the realm
Lightbringer EU. Too.
04/11/2014 17:33Posted by Maybë
Managed to log in on auchindoun now, could be fixed :)

Nope, it's not.
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09/11/2008 1-days Exempt
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27/05/2006 1-days Exempt

Good old days.

Shame we never see this happen anymore with all the !@#$ that's being thrown at us.
GG blizz GLHF with WoD
Auchindoun is getting it too, after i got a summon...
Hello! I can't get on any character on any server : /
Ravencrest too.
Add Draenor to the list while you're at it :)
Lightbringer also now... had it twice today ... this evening none of the usual fixes are working
Earthen Ring and Darkmoon Faire ;(
Same problem on Anachronos
add Darkmoon Faire too
Seriously, this Again?............. Oh my freaking god.
The Maelstrom aswell. 2nd time today.

1st time I refreshed my Cache/WTF/Interface folders, which worked.
Do I have to do it over again?!
And Shattered Hand...
I had this last night and now again. All my characters on Auchindoun are effected.

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