Cannot Load Character List - 04/11

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Azuregos got the same issue please help.

Lightbringer, AD, Draenor, Silvermoon - CHARACTER NOT FOUND!
also on Bloodhoof , Alonsus
Arathor.. can't log into any of my 9 toons
Can u fix this already???
only thing working as intended is the automated script for charging our sub fees...
I tried to portal from darkmoon fair to eastern kingdoms and now have the char not found issue. Ghostlands .
I also tried to log to an alt on Silvermoon and that char was also not found.
Quel'thalas seems to be working again, but for how long i wonder XD
Stormreaver, laughing skull, every server i try. and if i try to make a new char, well - character not found.
Same issues... it was doing the same thing last night.
Tryed to clean my WTF folder. Still have the same problem. Server Darkspear. I also tryed Grim Batol and Magtherion. Same issue.
Tried Bronzebeard, Khadgar, Earthern Ring, Darkmoon faire, Bloodhoof all of them experincing the 90% bug. it resolved fast last night. Today seems to want to stay like it sure hope its maintence night tonight.
This happens on me maybe from 3-4 days but once on day and i was thinking that is network problem. Now all my heros on Anachronos, Stormscale and Nagrand not found ...
Could any blizz people give us an estimation of how long this will last???
Well not realy same problem for me but i seee my characters a short while then WOW crashes and i need to Close wow and get back to battlenet login page.

Ghostlands here if u wanna know.
Every patch and every expansion same issues.
Blizz dont work here anymore it seems. I said i had problem with an achiv..they didnt care....bla bla bla try to do it again best reegards Blizz..Jesus .
We arent customers anymore .
Having the same problem on Auchindoun
Argent Dawn, all my characters receiving the 'Character not found' after 90% load in.
Dun Modr
Twisting Nether

Not working...
Sylvanas and Kor´gall

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