dcd from server every 5 minutes

Technical Support
Earthen ring the same
Earthen Ring is incredibly unstable right now.
Keeps going down every few minutes :-/
now every minute

e: now disconecting during "conecting".. omg
Same here on Darkmoon Faire keep getting DC'ed was in Uldur with a frind got dc'ed and removed from group.
Looks like Earthen Ring and Darkmoon Faire are going down constantly now
Yupp, can't stay on for more than 30sec.
I'm on Earthen Ring.
ER/DMF going down in less than a minute each time. :)
Same.. dc every few minutes.. or instantly :(
Fix this BS honestly..
Another Darkmoon Faire player suffering with DC issues here.
Same, ER keeps disconnecting

Edit: Seems to have stabilised
Interestingly the last DC that happened also rolled back my world position :s
nows better, online 10 min

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