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Chatacter Not Found! Took a TP to Orgrimmar after that i got Character not found on all my toons...

This happens way to often after the Pre-patch got launched......
I've got same problem, went into Onyxia's lair, disconnected and now I can't get on any char. Loading bar gets stuck at about 85% then after a while I get the message that character cannot be found............. :|

Please, please sort this out, it's getting frustrating.
get it sorted blizz ffs bad enough logging into this !@#$ty prepatch
Same problem here so aren't alone, heading into a scenario and won't go past the loading screen.
Same problem for me. Get stuck on 85% - No char found...
Have the same problem "caracter not found" on all realms and caracters
Same here... These bugs are getting really annoying now blizz.
Same problem here - went into Stormstout Brewery, loading screen stops at roughly 85%, then 'No character found' after more or less a minute of waiting.
Having the same problem, none of my characters can be found -.-
blue post thanks!!!
Will be interesting to see how the servers handle the pressure on 13th of november when !@#$ gets real....
same thing, cant log on any char cus 'character not found' :/

edit: so, seems like i can log in again..
most likely ERROR 37...
guess they downgraded their !@#$ now that the playerbase is dropping
Same here,stuck at loading screen on every character on every server.
What they said.

Interestingly, I've had some guildies experience this problem when 6.0 was released, but it never happened to me before tonight. I reckon that little patch you did ~1 hour ago completely !@#$ed the game.
You can always trust Blizzard to screw up even worse when they try to fix something! GG
Had the same problem did a realm toggle now I can log back in. Give it a try might work for you guys

Get this crap working.... Good i regret buying this frigging game in the first place

All the hours spent and all the money i spent on this and u cant get the crap working.....

No !@#$ing Blues either to give an ETA or yet another crappy, clean ur cache n %^-*!!!!
are u !@#$ing %^-*ting me AGAIN!!!!!!

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