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Yep, again. Was able to log for 1 hour, now it's starting all over again. Tried to do a pet battle and it kept telling me "Creating Pet Battle failed". Quick look in the journal... all pets gone again. Tried to relog, big mistake, now I'm stuck on a 90% loading screen again which results in a "Character not found" message a minute later.
yep its happening again.
Same. Just happened to me. Was loading into a dungeon, loading bar wouldn't move past 90% and then said character not found.

Happened the other day too.
Same problem here, tried to switch characters to do some stuff with friends and now I can't log in on any of them.
What was that mini patch blizzard did 1h aggo? !@#$ed up the whole game again.
Same problem here. After a disconnect I can login, but after selecting a character I get 'Character not found'.
time is money as they have there goblin NPC quote.
This again...
same problem here
90& loading screen boss
DCd zoning in to Jade Serpent; now all my characters say 'Character not found' when I try to log in. Disconcerting error message - I'll be most upset if you've lost them all!
GG Blizzard. What are you going to do when the surge of returning players hits on expansion launch...
lay down in a pile of money
the servers will melt on wod to scared to log on then
same here took hs to pandaria and stuck on loading screen
Same.. the want to put up the price but keep messing things up.. lol. It's not that long until the expan is released.... May have to stop paying for both accounts unless they get their fingers out, I'm already not impressed with the cross server rubbish, can never get quests done, far too many people shoved together trying to do quests plus some of the are non English speakers, can't be doing with that sort of thing... It was much better before. I don't have a problem with cross server instances and such, but not normal questing.
03/11/2014 21:30Posted by Shagdub

Get this crap working.... Good i regret buying this frigging game in the first place

All the hours spent and all the money i spent on this and u cant get the crap working.....

No !@#$ing Blues either to give an ETA or yet another crappy, clean ur cache n %^-*!!!!

This reasonable, well worded post is surely going to make Blizz sit up and take notice!

Not sure what's worse, the content or the fact you've been upvoted.
same problem here.. queued for a dungeon and when i went in, loading screen disconnected me, telling me i needed to update the game, so i do..

after that i try to relog this toon and load bar stuck on 85% and says "character not found"

i tried to log in with another character but it's the same.. "character not found"

please fix this asap as my game time is holy to me since it's only a few hours / day .. thank you..
Same happened when entering a dungeon.

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