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Technical Support
might ask for a refund for wod pre game and membership and quit the game again for afew more years if this is gonna keep on happening
Same issue. Was just loading back in after dungeon

*sad panda*
03/11/2014 22:07Posted by Talvander
03/11/2014 21:30Posted by Shagdub

Get this crap working.... Good i regret buying this frigging game in the first place

All the hours spent and all the money i spent on this and u cant get the crap working.....

No !@#$ing Blues either to give an ETA or yet another crappy, clean ur cache n %^-*!!!!

This reasonable, well worded post is surely going to make Blizz sit up and take notice!

Not sure what's worse, the content or the fact you've been upvoted.

It's just people being angry and to be fair they have every right to be.

This issue has been effecting many of us, myself included since the release of 6.0. We have Warlords in under two weeks people want these issues fixed so our time now and when the expansion launches isn't spent in frustration.
Yep same again! Tried all the usual tricks but nothing is helping...

Looks like an early night for me Spam Blizzard on twitter could make tham do somthing.
Just got back on my alt on Silvermoon briefly, thought it was fixed so tried to get back on my main on Lightbringer. Stuck on the loading screen again now. I paid the £35 for WoD upgrade about an hour ago and this doesn't help the buyers remorse :p
03/11/2014 22:09Posted by Dursey Spam Blizzard on twitter could make tham do somthing.

That should be US tech support. is EU
yep again on draenor entered fl and boom all char not found very gj blizz keep it up
As usual Pay for a Service....
Same here and tbh if I can't get on do we get a refund for the time we can't play ,lol if thats going to happen
Same happened to me, can't log to any of my character with this error message.
Character not found ....
back to this problem again gz blizz
now it just keeps stuck at loading screen and nothing happens.. can't enter game, can't quit game..

was hoping to hit 80 before calling it a night, but i guess i'll be in bed a bit sooner..

what does annoy me is: we pay for a good service and playtime.. so if we can't log in due to bad service.. will you, Blizzard, do something to compensate time lost?
even if you fix this in an hour, for some people it's an entire evening/day of playtime lost..
Pretty Shameful!
Cant log into any character
Same - have restarted PC and deleted the cache (things i have heard people recommending) but still getting to 85/90% load on all characters and can't get in - I have characters in Shrine, Northrend and Elwynn Forest and none can log in.
Same problem here as well... so frustrating
03/11/2014 22:09Posted by Dursey Spam Blizzard on twitter could make tham do somthing.

I think thats their NA twitter, and i think This is the EU Twitter :
here goes my farming night, time to go bed i quess....
It's not like they have any experience with patching... oh wait lol. Seriously are you kidding me.

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