"All - Glyphs" tab on spellbook

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everyone that have this 'weird' bug put a comment here, so they know that (incredibly!!!) their game have a 'bug' (bu.. what? what is that? an insect in the game? :S:S)

ok, for the guys that dont know what im saying: i have a 5th tab in my spellbook (after the general and the 3 ones for the specs) that is named "all - glyphs" and have a weird 'spell' that say to visit the trainer to learn it.

yes, i know, just 1 more bug in the game, :(:(

have an happy day u all, players, developers, and GM :(:(
We're unable to assist with this through the customer support forum, bugs need to be reported in game so that they get to the right department and we can have them looked into.

It's also going to be important to remember that although you will not receive a response to your report it will be investigated or the information supplied added to the existing investigation.

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