Connection & Stability Issues - 13/11

Technical Support
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Well, last expansion, yo uremember the flying quest with helicopter, 1 million people stucked on it?
Was better than this though.
this is propper b.s hurry up and fix it.
blizzard never learns

just keep the money coming and to hell with the customers right..

Always same excuse we are looking into it
They need give players at least 10 days free game time, after these dc/lag/loading screen and ofc fail start of wod
Cannot even connect to wow, any server, stuck on main log-i screen 'You have been disconnected form the server."
Unable to connect to the server, as in I cannot login at all. Keeps disconntecting me

EU-Runetotem(A) - Blasted Lands BLIZZ D:
in queues since Dc'd constantly....very smooth!!!!
Getting disconnect from server after being booted.
Location: Blasted Lands next to the gate
Realm: Argent Dawn
So now i am in a que to just open launcher just to get in another que for my realm just to be dc'd then repeat the process
12/11/2014 23:18Posted by Pallinus
Well, last expansion, yo uremember the flying quest with helicopter, 1 million people stucked on it?
Was better than this though.

Yep, at least I could get on it although not being able to shoot anything.
I was in game on lunch, valey of four moons, I get kicked out of the server and from 20 min I cant log at all...
Cant log in, disconnected from the server
join the '' stuck at connected '' club.
error #105
get your fingers out of ur asses and fix this BS honestly
Give us a time when u think you will fix it. I hr 2 hrs 1 day 1 Month something so I know if I should wait or go to bed
Forums of all games was (us and eu side) were all down a few minutes aswell, I dc, you dc, everybody dc's
12/11/2014 23:14Posted by Jèwels
"You dont need to do anything, just wait for the clock to hit 00.00, and you are off to Draenor." Oh wait...

Oh my, I never knew Draenor was a world shaped like a finger that usually rests between the index-and middle-fingers....
Yeah, after my previous post, my que ended and I got to the character select screen.... I got all happy.... selected the char I was on when all this queing terror began, and BAM "you have been disconnected".
In my previous post I said I was half expoecting that sort of a thing, and sure enough, there it was.

I'm thinking, right now I'm half expecting that everyone who got hit with this miserable queing-joke today is going to get a free month's playtimew stacked on, right, Blizzard?
After all, it was just a "portion" of your players that got disconnected right there, right?

.... yeah, I didn't think so.
can't even get into the queue now. every expansion launch has been problematic, but this is way beyond a joke. welcome to Blizzards Flying Circus.

Happy 10th anniversary you shower of clowns.

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