Connection & Stability Issues - 13/11

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Trying to log in, get stuck on Connecting, then get a "You have been disconnected from the server" message...
(Tarren Mill)
12/11/2014 23:22Posted by Flórence
I wouldn't be surprised if someone is DDOSing the wow servers this would be the perfect time for them to do an attack

Yes. We are.
*Grabs popcorn*
keep dced. And i was already after entering cut scene. !@#$'s 2014 and we still got same issue like in 2007 with tbc.
how come they are caught offguard everytime by this i can't understand. They've had the initial wow release and we're at the 5th expansion so far and every time this !@#$ happens...
disconnected from server Blizzz! WTF??
"Connecting" "You have been disconnected from the server"

Over and over and over again...

Argent Dawn EU - Blasted Lands
On Ravencrest, was in halfhill trying to turn in dailies and dc'ed -> stuck on 90% and world server down -> Can't connect to anything (cant switch server either).
Was infront of the Dark portal and waited for the quest.
the window with the wod infos poped up and the "accept quest" button was grey.
looked in my questlog and no quest in sight.
tried to reload no change, tried logging off to change my character to see if it changes anything....
disconnect and now i´m trying to reconnect for 25 minutes now.
server Anetheron
Just checked out twitch almost all of the streams are "you've been disconnected"
What you are attacking the wow servers!
I see some people are actually in the game, playing the game, but most others can't log in at all...
cant log in
Ravencrest was in Swamp of Sorrow, got DC and now when I'm trying to login back to the game I just get disconnected. Tried to restart the game but same thing all the time.
I'd like to say I'm surprised, but like every other player that played during a previous xpac launch, this was obvious.
I am disappointed though, had hoped for a better experience this time..
Ravencrest - Blasted Lands

Stuck in the connecting - error 105 - disconnected loop for about 20 mins now.

Has anyone actually got past this?
any fcking update on this !@#$?
Draenor server is currently down down..
Conspiracy theory - waiting for midnight in the US so we can all start together
It's the end of the world of Warcraft!

On a more annoying note eveythings gone

AD, Authentication seems like the servers are literally in melt-down. Least we know roughly whats going on in the server rooms thanks to the documentaries.

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