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Hey, I was doing LK in ICC and when he was in the phase where you kill him after all the RP stuff I jumped of the edge without killing him.. Now I cannot release and because "a member of your group is in combat" And I cannot unstuck character because apparently im moving??
Hi Konnahh,

I know this is a right pain in the bum as a lot of servers are having queues at the moment, but if you alt + f4 out of the game and then log back in after 20 minutes have passed on that character you'll be out of combat and at the closest graveyard.

Good luck!
Hey, so am I able to log another character while this happens? The AI in ICC is still in combat I believe so I dont know if that will bug me out?
Yeah you should be able to just fine. That may actually fix the issue, but if I were you I'd wait the 20 minutes and play on another character in the meantime.
Will do, thanks alot! Will reply in 20 minutes to let you know :)
Worked! Thanks. WoD awaits I no longer know my name.
Hooray! Have a good evening dude :)

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