Please get rid of Yrel from the main questline

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Thrall w/o spirits is a usefull as a dog poop. So obviously as soon there are no spirits around he needs to be carried, else Garrosh would rip his ape face.

Thrall was trained first as a gladiator and tactician. I think he also won duel with Doomhammer. He would tier Garrosh apart any time.
28/11/2014 15:16Posted by Cyree
Yrel is forced because they never really had a big female hero and they needed one. You know.

umm so:
- Tyrande Whisperwind
- Jaine Proudmoore
- Sylvanas Windrunner
- Alleria Windrunner
- Vereesa Windrunner
- Magna Aegwynn
I like her a lot I'm glad we didn't get yet another "sausage" character wow has to many men in leading roles already I only hate on Khadgar for his 180 personality change from the RTS game the old Khadgar would never have worked with the horde no matter the reason his pissing on lothar's legacy by wearing the faction title :D
Worst thing about her is how she reminds us all the time that player Draenei females still have their weird green/blue eyes instead of Yrells cool glowing bright ones.
I totally disagree.

I think Yrel is one of the better done Alliance lore characters in years. I just hope on the long run she won't get a Maraad/Greymane/Darius Crowley treatment.

Yrel is not the Action-man Space Marine Deepstriking with Bolter blazing screaming Heresy the top of her lungs. Neither is she the super uber quest giver who needs petty old me to ride a !@#$ing dragon and fight fire tentacles on its back while he is charging his Lazorz.

Yrel is a companion. She is along for the journey. Sometimes she needs a push in the right direction, but she gets the job done. Her entire arc somewhat resembles ours. Starting out in rags wielding a rusty club, until we slowly work our way up to becoming the Seal Team Six of our faction.
Joining in late, but if you really dislike her, just go over to Horde. Unfortunately we don't see nearly enough Yrel on Horde side. She is my favorite character in this expansion so far, even though I was pretty surprised by how much she changed when I saw her in that fight against Blackhand.
They're trying to get you attached to her so that you have The Feels when she's a raid boss in the future and you slaughter her for some trinkets.
01/12/2014 09:47Posted by Arasthius
Censor the truth some more you pathetic worms :)

it takes a special kind of special rdrd to not see the blatant attempt to force in some !@#$ty character because it's a lolfemale in an obvious attempt to appease the rabid feminists and other such sad little creatures which have been continuously whining about this, the WIIMIN STRONK! is so painfully obvious ("little girl" part dialogue @ shatt) it's not even funny, not that it ever could be, - it's insulting to have your worthless sjw crap shoved down everyones screens.

Catering to such primitives is pathetic, simple as that, and don't try to shroud it in some b.s.

next you're gonna have velen undergoing %^-*!@ surgery and thrall becoming some freak that "likes" elementals a bit too much.

Pathetic x2.

Wow, you really have some anger issues there. If you are getting that wound up about a character in an mmo I suggest you log out and take a break for a while before you blow a fuse and end up in the corner drooling.

Now, when you have calmed down could you answer this. Why do you think that adding a female character that starts weak and gets stronger is pandering to feminists? I would agree with you IF the character was spouting stuff like "I will now take revenge on all the men that have repressed me" or similar garbage but she isn't. She is just a character that starts weak and gets stronger by being in difficult situations and some guidance from the player character. Whether her reproductive organs are mounted internally or externally is irrelevant.
At least you get her and aren't stuck with green jesus once again.
15/11/2014 22:59Posted by Safireangel
A male character would have been much better(and this is coming from a woman).

so you are saying she is helpless female but would be much better if that was a helpless male character? i doubt that plus she was a very young priestess not warrior and it is not about her gander.
15/11/2014 22:59Posted by Safireangel
She is on all the maps, in all progression quests, IN ALL CINEMATICS

well garrosh was all over the pandaria (except dread waste, valley of four wind and maybe jade forest) or anduin which he got a failed assassination attempt, and a freaking bell on his head. main characters are always in all maps. or khadgar for this expansion and his failure bodyguard which gets sapped every single time when garona shows up.

15/11/2014 22:59Posted by Safireangel
(mostly male players for obvious reasons...)

what the hell is that even mean? just because we are male doesn't mean we want to bang everything that moves.. stop seeing us as walking !@#$%es..
Not bad, young necromancer. Baby steps are the best. Do 2013 one next, thn 2012 etc.
10/05/2015 19:24Posted by Gilrom
Not bad, young necromancer. Baby steps are the best. Do 2013 one next, thn 2012 etc.

He is Dk though, necromancy is kinda his thing.
10/05/2015 19:28Posted by Zakkaru
He is Dk though, necromancy is kinda his thing.

I know, I just applauded his careful approach to the noble art of necromancy. He shouldn't start by animating 2011 threads. He needs to start with fresh corpses and then go on to the more ancient stuff.
but would be much better if that was a helpless male character?

Yes. For me. I would imagine saving him from the claws of evil, he'd be so helpless....and then he will become a General. Oh the glory.

/me sympathises with Yrel's fans because she understands the savior's sentiment.
Let's wait 'til she's alliance thrall, then we'll see who likes her still

don't tell me i didnt warn you
Look at her now though, and of course there's that cinematic (SPOILERS). Goosebumps every time.

This (Spoilers ?) is the cinematic that does it for me.
She's got as much character depth as any of the male characters in WoW!

So not a lot.
10/05/2015 23:41Posted by Lalendris
She's got as much character depth as any of the male characters in WoW!

So not a lot.

Yrel has a lot more, I'd argue. For example, the infamous 6 coppers she owes to Maami; Have you ever seen anything that small-scale and personal for the "BIG EPIC HEROES" like Thrall and Varian?

Of course not, because Varian and Thrall are pure power fantasy self-inserts, with lots of power and a story that demands other characters be made stupid to make them seem better (Tyrande, ahem), while with Yrel we see genuine feelings, not just stoic glares and dramatic pauses.

Yrel has real weaknesses, and the loss of her sister really affects her, but she also has a great deal of strength and intelligence that helps her overcome her own flaws and emerge a stronger leader.

Again, compare that to Thrall, who was a bumbling moron and then just had everything in the world fall into his lap perfectly to make him the Super-Bestest-Uber-Warchief-Messiah without really taking any effort, on his part. He was designated Messiah at the start and everything else just caters to him.
10/05/2015 23:51Posted by Sanara
For example, the infamous 6 coppers she owes to Maami

It cracked me up when she told me to run before Maami could come after us.
I just don't get it, TRULY do not get what the big deal is, she's just a boring, annoying voiced female, and they so obviously put her in the game to give whining Alliance players a character that was a) not a human and b) not a male just to shut them up, talk about patronising.

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