Character not found along with 90% Loading screen.

Technical Support
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Again :(
SSDD ...and again and again and again and we still pay for this !@#$. Blizzard should give 1 month for free, this is scam.
i am having the same issue's
And again :-(
Yup. Crashed trying to entre Strand of the Ancients, and now can't log in
Yep, same !@#$, different day.

WoD is gonna be a nightmare next week.

Then again, it's not a surprise.
Now this is seriously stupid. 90% every day for nearly 3 weeks. What are u doing there?
YAYA again
Same here
Give us a free month NOW. This is !@#$...
4 times in a day! THIS IS TOO MUCH.

Character not found again.
Tried to enter Bastion of Twilight (10 player) and keep getting this issue.
yep, here we go again, we pay to play not to dc :/ fix it because next week you will lose alot of players with this BS
Same problem here, cant log into any of my characters :(
same problem here!
cant log any character on any servers :S
Same for me could play normal just a Little slow loading screen but when i entered a LFR dc on the loading screen and now cant it find eny of my chars :(
As a frustrated customer let me board the train as well.

1) Queue for a LFR for 25mins.
2) Loading screen to enter SoO.
3) D/C
4) Re-log & D/C x3
5) Successful log in and find Deserter buff... yay
6) Log out to character screen to do profession stuff on other characters
7) Character not found
8) Restart client
9) Character not found
10) Flush DNS + Zero config ethernet
11) Character not found

I mean he is there alive, believe me... He is ALIVE!

Edit: And 10 minutes later, character is found. At least I had stuff to surf around on net.
ofcourse I just looted a heirloom. probly will not find it in my bags.
Me too on my level 20 rogue I queued for dungeon finder, Shadowfag Keep came up and when I was teleported there it stuck and then disconnected. Now every time I log her in I get stuck at 90% and after a while it says character not found.

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