Character not found along with 90% Loading screen.

Technical Support
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Same, again and again and again.....this is a joke!
Again and again and again...this is a joke!
hello hello???

fix fix fix!!!!
Got the same issue, character not found, and after a while it worked, and now back in character not found.. :(
they are just unable, the blizzard software house that used to be, the one that used to release software just "when its ready" dont exists anymore, have gone.
i dont know exactly why, i think the real persons, the real team that used to WORK at blizzard have gone away since alot, a few guys at a time, now in blizzard works just not enought competent guys that are trying to do their bests, but ofc they just work like the normality or the other software developers, ergo "whats the 'job' that give me most of rewards?" instead of "whats the job that is the best done?" :(:(

well, if u have not got (because u are dumb? :S:S dont know) im stucked at 90% loading screen and then character not found, and dont ask to me other because im the customer that would like to play (yes, im the one that want to get fun by Killing internet dragons, not a guy that like to learn technician stuffs :S) and u are supposing to be the seller that get my moneys to make me to get fun :(:(

sorry but u will not keep players to play this game in this way :(
my deepest apologizes for my honest talking :(:(
Time goes by very very slowly!

tried everything, no addons, deleted cache etc...

this is the server again!!! 10th time last 2 weeks!!! fix it!!
Oh well guess I'll either go play D3 or Borderlands The Pre Sequal....oh and yeah Blizzard would be really good if you could you know fix this issue before the 13th you know so you don't get the PR frying from hell over this when WoD launches.

Good luck to the rest of you trying to get sense out of them to me it seems it's like getting blood out of a stone!
Came back to WoW to check out how things are looking before the new Expansion... 3 days in a row no luck getting into a LFR instance after 1 hour in queue. Then actually finding a group (yay) and getting this same error repeatedly until I can finally log in and am kicked out of group with a deserter tag. Good times Blizzo
Character not found... Tried different internet providers, different realms - same Character not found =(
darthfaby costumer support sucks!!! we all know that by now..
what to do about it???
This is so f*********** up!!! How long do we have to wait?

3 weeks?
This wouldn't be nearly as annoying if Blizz would just say something.
This !@#$ is pissing me off now. It's happening constantly lately. I was zoning into a dungeon and get disconnected, log back in and same bull %^-* again, character not found after sitting on the loading screen for about 3 minutes. Now every time i try go log on it just does the same thing on all my characters. I've reset my router, flushed my DNS settings, done a scan/repair on the game files... everything... same crap keeps happening. Sort it the !@#$ out blizzard! £8.99 from all your subscribers a month is supposed to make sure these servers run smoothly!
am the same they should give us free game time back but they wont they are just scamming us
Same issue.

Leveling a new Death Knights on Horde side, currently should be sat in Shattrah. Gave it a 1 hour break no change. Locating is not listed on character selection page but I get the outland load screen. Aborts at 90% with Character not found.

Based on Ghostlands EU.
All my chars on every server can't be found.

Managed to get online. Next loading screen I encountered disconnected me again (for the fourth time tonight!). Would appreciate a blue post so we could at least know that the issue is being worked on.
2 hours ago got dc then character not found.
tried creating new character and that got same treatment
This is especially infuriating when you only have limited time to play. That's the case with me, and I'm losing valuable time. I simply cannot afford to play WoW all day, due to studies and the fact that after school, there's still homework.
I can't even finish a simple daily! I queued up for a scenario, disconnected in the middle of the loading screen, and now I can only play on extremely low leveled alts. Fix this issue Blizzard! I will be demanding compensation!
its been the same for over 4 hours (as the past couple of days)

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