Haggis Hunters (Adult Only Socal Players)

Chamber of Aspects
The guild is open for social players only.

or you can give me a shout in game and I can answer any questions
The Haggis Hunters are open for social players. We are one of the oldest guilds on Chambers of Aspects and all of our members are 18+ .

At present we are working on members with daily normal and heroic instances . If you would like more information please contact me in game or visit www.haggishunters.co.uk

04/02/2011 10:05 PMPosted by Hulkks
or you can give me a shout in game and I can answer any questions

We are still open to recruits :)
If you are still looking for an active Social/Pve Guild with adult players look no further. Haggis Hunters are still open for new members. We have many changes incoming to the guild to welcome the new expansion.
If you would like to discuss joining , Please contact me ingame or visit the website .

We do require new members to have a working mic and teamspeak 3 but can arrange other ways to talk voice to voice . :)
Hey guys and girls.

A little bump with recruitment :)
The guild is now Level 25 with the hard work and achievements from our members :) We are still open for recruits . I must say that it is required for any new recruits to have a working mic and mumble installed to process your application.


Since Dec 2006
Open for social players only
bump for the HH, only spent a little time with them on my horde warrior, but a very cool and friendly bunch of people :)
They might be cool but do they eat haggis & if they do, where do they hunt them?

The Haggis is so rare that finding the wee critters takes wit and the wearing of the tartan kilt .( And being a truescotsman) This is only to get a meer glimpse of this odd rare creature . It does have a the diet of a Tatties and Neaps . So if you want to go to scotland and sit in a thistle field , full scottish dress then you may get to see the Haggis but to hunt them and taste them takes the skill and humour of a True Haggis Hunter :)

Oops , Poor recruitment thread on the second page .
Open for social players
It will Haggis Hunters 3rd Birthday on friday 9th December On Chambers Of Aspects . We are having a Birthday bash for all members and biggest ever gifts totaling around 100,000g . I hope to see all you Haggis Hunters on friday.

We are still open for recruitment btw . If interested please visit the website .

The members have made the Haggis Hunters what it is today and we are so proud that we are still going strong and proud of our community of Adult gamers :)

Best of luck for tonights Comp , get your jogging shoes on and lycra shorts :)

I would like to thank all the Haggis Hunters for the fun 2 days of games and quiz :)

Horde race winner - Gorty - Winning Vial of Sands Mount

Quiz Winner - Karva - Winning -15000g
2nd Prize - Moadeab - Winning - engineer Motorcycle mount .

Raid roll for second Vial of Sands Mount - Winner - Dood

And congrats on all of you who recieved a pet for runners up.

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