[A] Lazy Peon Tavern recruiting (3/8M)

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Recruiting for mythic raiding. (3/8 M)

3 days/week: Thursday, Sunday & Monday.
20.30 - 23.30 servertime (GMT +1).

Currently seeking:
Ranged dps: Any class works.

All applications are however considered. If you have any questions regarding the recruitment you can contact Luria in game or on the battletag linked below.

About us:
Lazy Peon Tavern was formed in 2007 as a 10 man guild, raiding Karazhan and Zul'Aman. After a less successful attempt to go 25 man, WotLK arrived and we decided to stay 10 man. We stayed this way until Warlords of Draenor when we expanded to a 20 man raiding guild.

We're a stable guild in the sense that we've never been dead, reformed or had a big change of players. We have raided every tier since 2007, and we have kept a lot of the same people in the guild and have the same guildleader and raidleader. One of the reasons for this is that we decided early on to only recruit people we liked. Over the years we have tried to find good raiders who are also nice people, and to not make exceptions on that policy. We feel this is the reason we have a relaxed atmosphere in the guild with a friendly and humorous mood.

We have one raiding team where every raider is equal. Some guilds have two or more teams and perhaps a bench, where some people get to sit out more than others. We have never had any of that, and we're only recruiting for our main team.

Current progression:
Uldir: 3/8 mythic, 8/8 heroic

Summary of what we are:
  • Stable guild with long raiding history on Silvermoon.
  • Raiding current content 3 nights a week.
  • Relaxed atmosphere in raids, without losing focus or interest in progression.
  • Friendly humorous people.
  • Fantastic art-department (see website news).

Minimum requirements for a raider-trial:
  • You're a decent raider. If your gear or experience is lacking as compared to our current progression, you have to be willing to make an extra effort to catch up.
  • You will generally be available to raid with us at least 2 raids a week.
  • You're age 18+. If you are very "youthful" you just won't fit into the group. Most of us are in our late 20s to mid 30s.
  • You're a nice person generally. We don't want to recruit drama.
  • You're interested in joining our "community". We don't recruit alts.

To read more about us, to apply, or watch amazingly cool artwork!:

To contact us to ask questions:

Bottoms up!

We closed recruitment for tanks, however we are still looking for:

1-2 Healers (Priest, Shaman, Monk preferred)
2-3 Dps (ElementalSham, Rogue, Warlock, Shadowpriest preferred)

While those are the classes/specs that would fit best in our raid team, we will consider any application!
We're fine on healers and tanks, but we need some ranged dps!
We want some ranged dps, and a healer!
> Currently seeking:
1 tank: Platewearer preferably (warrior, DK, paladin)
1 healer: Monk or paladin preferably, shaman works too.
2-3 ranged dps. Preferably shaman/warlock/priest, but anything works.
1-2 melee dps. Preferably rogue, shaman or paladin, but anything may work.
We are currently looking for:
1 Healer: Monk, Paladin or Shaman works also.
2-3 Ranged DPS Shaman, Locks or Priest are preferred .
1-2 Melee Rogue, Shaman or Paladin preferred.
Hi there, I have a shadow priest Mudevi(636) from Magtheridon and can do a 2/3 raids per week consistently as I play from India. If this is viable for your guild, i will go ahead and make an application. :-)

Looking forward to hear from you.

Hello Boltfury. We are looking for a shadowpriest. But just judging from your post and the armory of the priest you link I can't really say if we would be interested. You'll have to write a longer application for us to get an idea. Whether you do or don't, good luck in the game!
Hello Silvermoon, we are still looking for players!

1 Healer (Priest, paladin, monk)
2-3 Ranged Dps (Elemental, Spriest, Warlock, but anything other than hunter works)
We are currently full on melee dps, but we can accept good Rogue or RetPal applications!
Ode to Paladins:

Our raidteam has one major kink
We can't recruit a name in pink!
We've searched the land both far and wide
but paladins all seem to hide!
So with this poem we try to fish
for hidden ones, It is our wish
To find a plated man with wings
who strikes his sword at many things.
To once again get shields in fights
from bubbleboys with holy lights.
To see a righteous tank in action
who judges out of satisfaction.
We want a paladin, it's true
Perhaps that paladin is you?
The poem only had half the intended effect! :'(

We still want a healer (Priest, Paladin, Monk) and 1 or 2 ranged dps (Any class but hunter and mage)
Paladins apparently don't appreciate high quality poetry :(
Two healers and one or two ranged dps wanted!
I don't do rhymes, but we need some healers and maybe a shaman of some kind.
Bumpity bump

Still looking for 2 healers: Paladin/Priest/Shaman preferred
And 1-2 Ranged dps: Spriest/Warlock/EleShaman preferred

All applications are however considered!
We have a feeling we need some healing! :o
Free hugs for paladins on the National hugging day!
Some say we are kind, new people are always on our mind.
Will you fill in the ranks? A dps, a healer or maybe a tank? :o
We seek dps, both melee and range. Apply to us now so our roster may change! :o
Healers and dps is what we're looking for.

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