[A] Lazy Peon Tavern recruiting (3/8M)

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Ode to ranged dps #12

We seek one of those men in dresses
who shows to raid in time, and presses
his keys real fast to dot the trash,
or Lava bursts the boss to ash.

Who conjures biscuits from thin air
or summons us inside Gruul's Lair.
Who brings his pets to every fight
and traps the adds to our delight.

Who sidesteps like a matador
when puddles spawn upon the floor,
or uses blink to get across
if he's been split up from the boss.

We seek one of those damagedealers
who likes to hang back with the healers
and do their magic from a far,
and then relax inside our bar.

If you’re the type of guy we seek,
who’s looking for a guild this week,
where people raid but act nice too,
perhaps we are the guild for you?

- Lazy Peon Tavern

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