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I am finding that IPv6 is not connecting - no reply to SYNs sent and falling back to IPv4.
Traces show routing in to telia, so should all be working.
excalibur:~# tcptraceroute 2a04:e800::100:f6ce:46ff:fe89:e5f4 3724
traceroute to 2a04:e800::100:f6ce:46ff:fe89:e5f4 (2a04:e800:0:100:f6ce:46ff:fe89:e5f4), 30 hops max, 80 byte packets
1 boxless.ec.aa.net.uk (2001:8b0:1:ecdc::b0c5:1e55) 0.345 ms 0.346 ms 0.345 ms
2 a.homeless.tch.aa.net.uk (2001:8b0:0:89a::3) 0.972 ms 0.974 ms 0.972 ms
3 a.needless.thn.aa.net.uk (2001:8b0:0:89b::1) 2.377 ms 2.381 ms 2.369 ms
4 a.weightless.thn.aa.net.uk (2001:8b0:0:53::61) 2.697 ms 2.699 ms 2.697 ms
5 ge-102-0-0-36.r00.londen10.uk.ce.gin.ntt.net (2001:728:0:5000::682) 2.886 ms 2.889 ms 2.879 ms
6 ge-102-0-0-36.r00.londen10.uk.bb.gin.ntt.net (2001:728:0:5000::681) 3.543 ms * *
7 ae-15.r02.londen03.uk.bb.gin.ntt.net (2001:728:0:2000::145) 3.568 ms 3.514 ms *
8 ldn-b5-link.telia.net (2001:2000:3080:38::1) 27.648 ms 22.437 ms 3.098 ms
9 adm-b5-v6.telia.net (2001:2000:3018:d::1) 11.141 ms 11.141 ms 9.817 ms
10 * * *
Hi RevK, working OK over IPv6 here to whichever server hosts Darkmoon Faire/Earthen Ring. I'm also using native IPv6 via AAISP.

Server I'm using appears to be 2a04:e801:0:100:9eb6:54ff:fe91:9b00
Agreed, 2a04:e801:0:100:9eb6:54ff:fe91:9b00 works, and tcptraceroute shows it takes the same route but answers. Maybe it is simply blizzard having a wrong DNS entry for Thunderhorn?
Just noticed, they are using SLAAC addresses based on MAC. I am really surprised they would do that as a change of machine or just network card means a change of DNS, etc. Why would they not use manually assigned fixed IP addresses? I bet that is what has happened.
Yes, some other realms work, like Spinebreaker. This looks like a simple matter of lazy IPv6 config using SLAAC rather than static and then failure to update DNS when servers are upgraded/changed.

If you are not going to fix this, I trust you'll be happy with a news item that Blizzard no longer support IPv6?

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