Poundfist continuation part 3 24/11/2014!

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Cox121#2387 gIf it spawns add me i will do the same
#dilan2914 add for sharing and xrealm inv, at kazzak atm, nothing so far
Fistman please.
Any news on Blackmoore spawn?
Any spawn or kill reported on hyjal-EU?
Any confirmed kills on Stormreaver yet?
If anyone got a free spot on a different realm EU for Poundfist, don't be afraid and give me an invite plz :)!

Emerald Dream still camping since 8pm
Poundfist pls
Im off for today, start posting at part 4 of my Poundfist thread whenever part 3 becomes full please, ill update it tomorrow with more info!

GN Fellow hunters!
Camping since 21:00 on Twilight's hammer. Add Peeter#2270, and we can add eachother if it spawns <3

Feel free to throw an invitation if you find him, I will do the same!
For great Swag!
camped with 40 man on Uldaman-EU nothing for now u_u
Execration#2222 feel free to add me for spawnsharing
Too many hours in to count - still nothing on Kazzak.. Add Kanobis#2552 and I'll inv you if i see him, hope you'll do the same :D
#dilan2914 add for sharing and xrealm inv, at kazzak atm, nothing so far
add me for spawn sharing miro#2406,atm on onyxia
after 11 hours still nothing on laughing skull
... if you'll find him and for spawnsharing !
I'll do the same for you thanks
I think he has defeated me...10.5hrs of camping...for nothing...;_;

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