Hexweave Embroidery Bug?

Before I start, going to give a disclaimer; I could be missing something, thus my post asking for help...

I made a http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/item/114813/trade-skill and got the Harmonious version earlier this morning. Managed to get lucky with work orders and my daily CD for more hexweave cloth and made a http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/item/114836
Harmonious isn't that great for shadow or holy (as far as I can see according to many websites as well as my own personal preference - this thread isn't about stat priority though so I wont derail) so I wanted to reroll the stats using the hexweave embroidery item.
Made it, right clicked it, applied it to the chest, my character did the 'cast' and then nothing happened. No error message, no new loot notification, absolutely nothing happened, the stats on the chest didn't change - they are still versa/mast (harmonious) and the embroidery has been used... What's the deal here?
I relogged in the hopes that it was lag or something but nothing's changed.

IF it rerolled to Harmonious again - that's absolute garbage and a complete waste of materials, it shouldn't reroll from one stat allocation to the exact same one. I'd understand more if (as an example) it went from Harmonious to Savage and then another embroidery rerolled it to Harmonious again - I'd be gutted but I'd appreciate the RNG of it and be less confused.
IF it's a bug, PLEASE can it be fixed? I'd really appreciate a replacement of the embroidery at least :/
My main concern is that absolutely NOTHING happened, there was no "are you sure you wish to do this?" which I expected similarly to replacing an enchantment. There was no new loot message; I expected it would apply it and then it would appear in my bags as a 'newly looted/crafted/acquired' piece of loot, but that didn't happen either. The embroidery was consumed and no changes/errors/messages occurred at all.

I did try searching for some indication as to whether or not the embroidery would work on an equipped/transmogged piece - no information on this so I assumed it didn't make a difference.
Has this happened to anybody else? Within tailoring or any other profession that makes use of the reroll mechanic.

I tried to put in a ticket about it but the webpage is constantly erroring "try again in a few minutes" :(
I can verify this is RNG. I decided to waste some gold to see if this was a bug or not. And sure enough. After the third try, Guess what It re-rolled to? Strategist (coming from Harmonious). And that's only if you're lucky since there are other stats this can go to.

I think this one may be intentional. I mean it is intended to be random, my guess is you expected to have to do it multiple times?

But yeah those are my thoughts on it. I initially thought it was a bug as well. But after doing some research and spending some gold. This doesn't seem to be the case.
I just had this happen 2 times in a row. This is silly, it is bad enough that the items are random to begin with, but this just makes the whole process clunky.

I don't mind having to work for stuff, but being screwed over due to poor design, is not the kind of work I had in mind.
I believe I might have figured out why It does why it does that. I would ask next time you do use this item, check your item's stats before you use it and then again after.

I had an assumption that the stats were always the same, this does not seem to be the case. There is a range in which the secondary stats rolls to. Wowdb shows as 122 Versatility and 122 Multistrike, but each of the stats can range between a certain number (figure that out thank's to wowhead), my first made Gear Piece: Hexweave Leggings of the Strategist has 135 Versatility and 102 Multistrike.

This makes getting the actual stats you want even more difficult because you are not just re-rolling which variant you get, but also the range of the stats itself.

My guess is that you re-rolled to the same item variant and so the only thing that probably changed was the stats range.

Either way, all of this seems like a huge waste of resources or money, basically Gambling on Stats.

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