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Fellow Shamans,

As i've seen a lot of debate about the damage of the shaman, I wanted to ask something else. Ive hit 100 not so long ago and now im working on my gear. Clearly I cant say anything about my dps compared to others as my gear still sucks (using a dagger for one, but ilvl requirements are a b*tch sometimes), but im working on that!

Now during fights I find myself having a hard time using all my different spells/cooldowns, even more so on moving bosses. This is also a work in progress as this is the first time im using a close range dpser.

I've been adressed on the fact that I need to use more macro's. But in my search online i've not seen very much examples (that are up to date). So i wondered if there are some friendly players willing to post a few of their own.

Help a fellow shammy brother out ;)

I believe it's good form to use macros that bundle /startattack with any of your damaging abilities. You can also simply merge your damage cooldown abilities like Ascendance, Blood Fury racial if you're orc, agility potion etc into one macro for less buttons to push.

In addition you can use key modifiers to create multi-purpose macros, which is great for things like focus casting. For example hex could look like this:

/cast [nomod:alt, nomod:shift] hex
/cast [mod:alt, nomod:shift] [target=focus] hex

Also you should macro /stopcasting into Wind Shear so that anything you might be hardcasting will be canceled automaticly if you need to interrupt something very fast.

Some people use stuff like cast sequence macros but it's not something I've looked into. I suppose this could be used to merge a totem and totemic projection into the same button or something?
17/12/2014 13:47Posted by Darthyra
I suppose this could be used to merge a totem and totemic projection into the same button or something?

I use this for cap

17/12/2014 13:47Posted by Darthyra
/startattack with any of your damaging abilities.

lava lash and SS automatically do this so you can just hit them
I wouldnt macro agility pot since you need to pre-pot and using all cds before actually in fighting range is not very beneficial. a second or two from the pre-potting is always wasted but thats the price for another pop.

I have macroed my liquid magma, trinket and with a modifier: magma totem into same keybind.

And then ascendance and berserking (since they have the same cooldown time so they will always be ready together).
Wow, cheers for the quick and useful info guys!

However, I kinda need the actual macro code or the name of an addon/tool wich can help me out with this. Im really new to the whole macro thing and have 0 knowledge on how to make my own macro.
its also good to macro purge with windshear it just feel right. Same with earth frost shock on ele.

I also use Unleash elemens with flameshock on cast sequence 6 second,

And you should look into Fire totem macro with help you not kill your elemental premature
/cast [nopet:Primal Fire Elemental] Searing Totem
(Comand) (IF:Condition) (spellname)

macros are overall pretty simple if you not overthink it. You can also shiftclick from your spell book to automatic copy name into macro window


overall in-depth guide. to shaman in general can be found there also.
Here's a few I use

/Cast Ancestral Swiftness
/Cast Lightning Bolt

Change the spell where necessary, Chain Lightning, Heal Surge etc. (I'd remove the '/stopcasting' part if you use that macro for Healing Surge).

/castsequence reset=120 Feral Spirit, Fire Elemental Totem

Easy /Castsequence macro for Fire Elemental and Feral Spirit.

/cast [@focus,exists][@target] 'SPELL NAME'

Above one is so you don't deselect your target if you're DPS'ing/Healing in order to interupt or CC

/Cast Ascendance
/Cast Elemental Mastery
/Use Mecha-Blast Rocket

Above one is an easy macro for Ascendance combine with a few other abilities. Swap in and out abilities depending on what talents you use (Personally I use Ancestral Swiftness over Elemental Mastery). Just a tip too, Only pop Ascendance when you've used Stormstrike and no other abilities are up in order to get an instant reset in a way, it's better for DPS.

/castsequence reset=30 Cloudburst Totem, Healing Stream Totem(Water Totem)

Above macro is an easy macro for using Cloudburst and Healing Stream at the same time (Requires Totemic Persistence Talent!)

These are a few macros just to make your quality of life easier!

/use [btn:1] Hearthstone
/cast [btn:2] Astral Recall

Combine Hearthstone with Astral Recall.

/use [btn:1] Ancestral Spirit
/cast [btn:2] Mass Resurrection

Combine Mass Ress with Normal Ress, less clutter than!

Hope some of these help.

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