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Help! my Guild reputation is stuck, I havent got any reputation since last weeks wednesday. Another friend of mine have the same problem, looked through the net too see if anyone came up with a solution about it but none, and as I can see theres many with the same problem as mine.
3 days ago I made a Ticket about it and now this morning I had an Answer, told me to remove folders "cache, WTF and interface so I did but the problem still persists, ofc I made a new ticket and now waiting for another answer but making this thread in hope to get a faster answer from maybe someone that had the same problem.

/best regards Svainee
There is a maximum weekly amount of guild reputation that you can earn.

It is however unclear how much this is. Lots of people are reporting different values.

If a GM doesn't know how to answer your problem, many of them answer: "delete cache WTF and BBQ folders, herp derp!".
Yeah I know about the weekly reputation, but after every wednesday when server come back up after the Maintenance the weekly reputation should be reset as everything else does, atleast thats what I heard, and I havent got anything after that day. starting to get abit anoying since im the most active player in guild doing guild achievements etc but wont get rep and ppl that became 85 far more days after I hit it are far in too honored while im still stuck at Friendly 4000/6000 :S.

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