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Basically last night my account was hacked while i was doing an instance. It froze so therefore i had to relog. When i tried to login it asked me for an authenticator code but i have never purchased one and then also the place where i access my emails the language was in Japanese. So I then managed to change both of the passwords sucessfully and then i done the Account Recovery Process. I did get a response that said they have temporarily locked my account for security reasons. They said to then contact them via a new email address using the webform and supply the information they asked for, I have also done this. My account is although still Locked. However when I tried to login, in the game just to try something it said your account is temporarily closed please go to www.wow-europe.com/account/account-error/html which i done and it told me my account me my account was closed permaently which i guess means banned. I now do not know whether my account is still being retrieved by blizzard or they have just banned it altogether.

Help would be much appreciated.

Thanks Tidek (Lvl 85 Paladin - Silvermoon - Alliance)
Update - I got yet again another response saying that another piece of my account for comprimised so again they asked me to use the webform and give them the details they need.

I still do not know whether my account is locked or banned.

A GM response would be appreciated
Ey my Mate have same problem, but i can tell you that you aint banned, they closed your account to kinda give you a new one. my friend have been waiting now almost 5 days, and the gms told him that all his items n gold was send back and waiting in the mailbox, and all he had to do was to fill out a webform with new informations.

but it seems like it takes long time...
Cheers, im glad someone finally responded. i seem to get the email responses at 3am and this is from the EU side, that doesnt seem right?? Just also tried phoning them, i sat there for 8ish minutes and all there representatives are busy still...... If the account still wasnt locked i could go on and play
yep, my friend has been calling them for 4 days now, and que is just full everytime... i guess you guys can't do annything else then just wait.. but be aware is going to take some days it seems.. even he's annyoed that he cant play, when they say all items is back n stuff..
Yeah seems that way, i actually dont think that anything on my account has been touched because all the passwords were changed AS SOON AS i could not get back on and even my guildies say my character wasn't on for long. If they could just unlock my account i could see what is missing if anything..... some gold missing wont bother me
Yeps - it's weird it takes so long.. i mean i could understand 48 hours waititme to reopen accounts? but 5 days now.. it's weird
5 days seem a bit too extreme just to change some information on an account and also why can't they just tell you in one email EVERYTHING that needs changed.... Im hoping now that after some posts on this topic a GM might eventually respond.
yeps - Well guess they must be really busy
Hi Tdiek,

I can see that you received a reply 2 days after your mail, sorry for the wait! Please don't hesitate to contact us again if you need any further assistance!

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